Which Mask give the highest attack power?

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User Info: DreamShard

4 years ago#1
I recently gotten the Artillery Mask and want to take advantage of it against Jhen and Brachy, but from what I read, the artillery shots are dependent on the other user attack power and not just the Artillery Mask itself.

So my question is, which mask give the highest attack power? I'm assuming it has to be one of the 3 slotted mask; Acorn, Lamp, Grill, Pincer, Stink, and Gag, but most likely excluding Grill and Stink since they both have attack down stat.
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User Info: DarkMarc009

4 years ago#2
Lamp Mask.

User Info: Holy_forks

4 years ago#3
The los and lamp mask are tied in attack but lamp mask has 1 more slot than los.

The los mask focuses on large monsters while lamp will attack smaller bosses first though.
Los mask is also easier to get into rage mode where both masks use fireballs.

So the lamp mask does have a higher potential for attack by having 1 more slot but the los mask has better AI and will usually end up doing more damage.
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User Info: dexter1984

4 years ago#4
Lamp Mask, 718 Attack with Last Stand, Attack Boost and Hunter.
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  3. Which Mask give the highest attack power?

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