"Best" Weapon per Class

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User Info: iAmChinaMan

3 years ago#1
Arguable it seems Mizars Asterism and Grongigas are the 'best' for almost all situations as I've read.
LS, DS, SnS, Lance, would all have varying elemental match ups.
What about GS? Some still say RAW>Elem, some argue now that charges grant multipliers elemental is worth it. Is there a "Best" GS for MOST situations?
Do gunlances also follow "one per element"? I havent played with them yet.
I have no idea on ranged weapons aside from the gimmicky Kebli bow. Any thoughts on those would also help.

User Info: Holy_forks

3 years ago#2
When your not sure Slime is usually the best all around wep. Im picking "best" by the weapon thats the most effective in the widest range of quests.

slime IS the best wep for a few classes though.

DS > bushido (awakening is arguable but im still counting it as a slime wep)
GL > dios
HH > Stygian tristia. AttuL and melody extend makes it the best dps increasing HH in groups
SNS > altheos or phecda's. Dirty graf sets are decent but you cant stack psn so it doesn't help DPS as much as "it feels awesome"
LNC > altheos or dubhe's are arguably the best LNC. no S+1 = more space for better skills
GS > Nero or alteos. Not really arguable considering Cera requires a very specific set/strategy
LS > doesnt really have a "best" wep considering there are a lot of endtrees that end up being the best in most situations

on the ranged side

LBG > Gods archipelago by far. After that its any RF gun for the fight.
HBG > griffon blazooka/ eclipse. Other norm2/3 guns are good but for select fights.
BOW > warflare/KB. after that its like LBGs, different bows for different strategies.
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User Info: iAmChinaMan

3 years ago#3
How effective are those when compared to their elemental counterparts?
EX, something whos weak to fire would cause a fire element weapon compared to the one you gave loads more/more but not much more dps.

User Info: Holy_forks

3 years ago#4
Well notice I only noted straight raw weps or a few ala weps.

the raw weps I noted; bushido, Nero and all the lucent weps I noted are better than their elemental counterpart on anything. Ala weps are a bit different compared to lucent weps in that it depends on the monsters dragon resistance.

HH > styg on everything. songs are your priority. superarmor+attuL is amazing.
SNS-LNC > the ala sns will beat out lucent on stuff that is weak or normal vs dragon
GS > Nero is better with S+1 but weaker than alteos without. even on stuff strong vs drag
LS-LBG are the only ones were element actually matters since the endtrees are pretty balanced and there's no OP wep

Im not even noting mizar or grongigas since they are well known for being the best in their class.
Dont think I can be anymore clear.
MH3U/NNID : Holyfork Hr:100+

User Info: iAmChinaMan

3 years ago#5
Thanks this info was exactly what I was looking for

User Info: ragnarok183

3 years ago#6
For LS, wouldn't Nero's Calamity, the jho LS (with Sharpness+1), beat out all other LS' outright?

User Info: Ravenwolf6469

3 years ago#7
What about for SA?

User Info: Roxxtar

3 years ago#8
Ravenwolf6469 posted...
What about for SA?

If you just want the best and don't mind using the same wep all of the time, Mizar's beats every other SA regardless of situation or monster. Extra bonus if you have awaken, but it is still best DPS without it.

User Info: mr-lol

3 years ago#9
Since I always solo,currently I used dio slicer or something like that with bomber skill and adrenaline. I droll every thing include deviljho but not sure about the savage one cause I alway crap my pant,but I soloed the port and village in 50+ hour.
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User Info: Wile-E-Coyote

3 years ago#10
I like the Stygian Tristitia, but I think the Timbral Demolisher is better. It has almost 100 more raw damage and features HGE and Affinity Up songs. HGE allows your teammates to drop the ear plugs skill for something more offensive minded, and according to what I've ready Affinity Up beats AuL with end game weapons. Also, slime (overpowered IMO) is effective vs. everything whereas the dragon damage on the Tristitia is only effective vs. some monsters.
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