Will they ever have a Gun Sword?

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User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#1
They have a gun lance. Seems natural to take the next logical step and make a gun sword. Maybe you could deal some sort of elemental damage if you pulled the trigger at the right time when you strike.

User Info: G3neric_User

4 years ago#2
I agree that they WILL do it sometime, though probably not for at least the next two games (in other words: Wait for another 3-4 years)
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User Info: OneOni

4 years ago#3
My guess is they haven't because of what Square-Enix might have to say about it. Especially with the mechanics you pointed out, FF8 anyone?

User Info: XDaWNeDX

4 years ago#4
OneOni posted...
My guess is they haven't because of what Square-Enix might have to say about it. Especially with the mechanics you pointed out, FF8 anyone?

No, Square-Enix has absolutely NOTHING to say about Gun-swords. At all. Whatsoever. In any way. Ever.

And FF13 is a more recent usage of gunblades in Square Enix games (also more popular, I believe).

Though, at any rate, I feel it's a pretty good idea. But I can't think of a good way to actually add it into Monster Hunter. Gunlances seem pretty old and used, but gunBLADES are very compact futuristic type things. They don't fit to well.

Maybe somehow, but I can't personally think of a way.

User Info: CaoSlayer

4 years ago#5
What about Sword and Gun?
Think pirate or musketer.

Sword is is a rapier, gun is a matchlock-like. You get into shoot mode with R and there are several kinds of guns, mainly a shotgun with no range, a long barrel for distance and a balanced one.

As a special move you can attach the sword to the gun and shoot it for dealing ranged cutting damage. The sword is retrieved back with a chain.
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User Info: hadiwinata

4 years ago#6
Id like the option of carying 2 types of weapon into battle. Bump up the monsters health attack etc I dont care as long as i can be like Haseo in .hack//gu switching weapons at the Go.
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User Info: Samusmus

4 years ago#7
Gunslash(blade?) in Phantasy Star Zero. I dunno if this has any effect on whether they will make a similar weapon in the MH series. People might say that MH has borrowed enough gameplay elements from that franchise.
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User Info: Lokarin

4 years ago#8
I thought of using "Broadsword" as a play on words, in having a broad range of functions (maybe even gun). Something heavier than SnS, but not as ginormous as Great Sword or Long Sword.
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User Info: TheDebauchery

4 years ago#9
Just no.

This game series has got silly enough already.... Underwater archery for 50 minutes? REALLY?!

Actually utilising more proper weapons would probably be a better plan.

One thing I appreciated about the Phantasy Star games were the polearms. Heck, people took the piss out of me in Phantasy Star Online for going Bluful and using the Imperial Pick... but I loved that weapon! Loved my King Bar Staff in I&II on the Gamecube too.
Lances in this game don't really cover it.... to say nothing of the silliness of gunlances. The closest I have is the Yan Yue Dao in the Longsword line....

... Actually, something like the Lavis Cannon would be forgiveable.

User Info: AlxCj

4 years ago#10
What about a ''Club and Shield''. its like the SnS but you deal KO damage instead of cutting
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