How do you make Lucy cry?

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User Info: TheDebauchery

3 years ago#1
I checked the archives here for data on the subject of Cloudy Moonshards.
Came across a moderate amount of arguing... Some differences of opinion about how loot tables work.... The tail clearly being a useless dead-end.... etc etc.

I also came across word that Lucy's tears can contain Cloudy Moonshards....

Thing is... I've never ever seen a Lucent Nargacuga drop a tear. Not once.
I couldn't find out anything about how to trigger it in the archives here either.
I asked the team I was hunting with and one of them suggested using Sonic Bombs when she crouches.

Well, with no better idea to go with, I stocked up on Sonic Bombs and tried hitting Lucy with them at various crouching stages. I managed to make her buck up and shriek a few times, but she didn't drop a tear for any of them.

So... I'm now skeptical about the whole "Sonic Bomb while crouching" routine. Either that isn't the method, or it requires timing too precise to be practical.... or so I've determined.

Does anyone else have any hints as to what might make the Lucent Nargacuga drop tears?

User Info: Frozenskies

3 years ago#2
I always throw them when Lucent is charging do that like 3 times and then it drops a tear.
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User Info: teknic1200

3 years ago#3
just kill lucy 10 times or so and you should have one. I always seem to get 1 in 10 kills. I've gotten 5.
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User Info: TheDebauchery

3 years ago#4
19 Lucy-kills so far... No Moonshards. Not exactly getting my hopes up.

User Info: Lokarin

3 years ago#5
If you want the diamonds, picture yourself in a boat on a river and then Felvine Barrel Bomb
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User Info: evillocke

3 years ago#6
Do the event one.
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User Info: ragnarok183

3 years ago#7
when unenraged, l.narg reacts to sonic bombs thrown near it at any time, causing it to stagger, then immediately get enraged

for making it drop a shiny, you have to wait for l.narg to do a substantially lengthy stance (e.g. when it's about to do at least 2 wing strikes; it'll hold the stance for at least a full second), then throwing the sonic bomb when it's in the middle of the stance's duration (it has to fully settle into the stance before the sonic bomb; if it cancels the stance too quickly into an attack, then you'll have to wait and try another time)

i don't exactly remember, but if done right, i think l.narg will actually topple over and lose balance for a few seconds (as if you broke one of its wings, or attacked its legs enough), along with the shiny drop

so if done right, l.narg will drop a shiny, fall over, and then get enraged

if it just rears back and screeches, then you threw it at the wrong time, and the sonic bomb simply triggers the "stagger into rage mode" scenario

one problem is that whether you hit or miss the shiny drop, l.narg goes into rage mode, regardless, and it'll be some time before you can even attempt another chance of a shiny (only until after it isn't enraged)

i'm not 100% sure on this, as it's been a while since i last farmed in this method

another thing you could do is to bring the mock melynx mask for a chance via stealing; just be sure that the mask has landed a few hits on l.narg, and fail the quest so you get to keep any rewards and shiny drops you may have picked in the meantime

User Info: hadiwinata

3 years ago#8
The prowl stance. When its like getting ready for a triple pounce atk. Use sns so you can quickly use sonic bomb at all times.
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User Info: TheDebauchery

3 years ago#9
So that explains why that other player was SnSing .... Interesting.

Anyway.... after a long time pratting around with Lucy, I accumulated 3 Moonshards.... two of which were from quest rewards....
2 I used to make Lambent armour.... 1 I've got saved for my Nether when I decide to craft it.
I'll need at least one more (maybe more again) for Alkaid's Asterism...
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