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User Info: Doomtheimmortal

3 years ago#1
Fire- The Depotheosis
Water- Excalius Sword
Ice- Paladire
Lightning- Nether Lufactrus
Dragon- Epitaph Eternal
Slime- Vulca Vendetta

User Info: ragnarok183

3 years ago#2
have you tried awakened s.bari gs? or ala gs?

User Info: CoolMasterPT

3 years ago#3
For fire, Rathalos gleamsword is better than The Depotheosis.

For water, there is no way that Excalius is better. Plesioth aquablade is so much superior. Simoon sandbiter is also better than Excalius.

Ice, even if Paladire isn't bad but you got a better option with Devastator Blade (one of the best awakened gs and ice weapon in general in this game)

For lightning, Lagia Fulmination might be better than Nether. There are only two options, so it depends on the target and the way you play (and armor skills, EAU to boost Nether elemental)

For Dragon there are a great number of choices with and without awakening. Most of them better than the Epitapth blade. Stygian acedia is one of the best, although an awakened Blade Of Tartarus can be a better option.
But i'll give it a go for Altheos evolutia. Good raw for a good dragon without the need to have sharpness+1. So you can boost further your raw damage with other skills.

For slime: same condition of lightning. It depends on the target and the armor skills that you are using to boost which on of them. I'm happier with Myxo demolisher to be honest.


So, Every example that you gave I gave you better swords. But there are honor mentions to Chrome quietus and Pale kaiser.

This is all beautiful, then we have Cera cymmetry (pure raw) and Nero's Anguish (don't bother to awaken) that will put most of the above weapons to shame if used properly.
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User Info: Holy_forks

3 years ago#4
no jho? no blos? do you even GS?
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User Info: evillocke

3 years ago#5
tc is obviously a GS comboer

get gud scrub
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User Info: vattodev

3 years ago#6
Holy_forks posted...
no jho? no blos? do you even GS?

This. Nero's is the best GS in the game, with very few exceptions. You can use the other GS if you want to change your character a bit, but you must know that you will be trading damage for looks and variety.
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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

3 years ago#7
I think all around Pale Kaiser is probably the best. 1200, with a lot of purple, a TRIPLE slot, 320 dragon icing, and fairly easy to get to boot. It can fit on just about anyone, particularly because of that triple.
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User Info: IHateMrCats

3 years ago#8
I just couldn't be bothered farming all other again so i went with the Blade of Tartarus. It works like a dream.

1344 Raw, decent bit of purple with Sharpness +1 with 2 slots.

It's also super easy to make.
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User Info: Jeiceson66613

3 years ago#9
It ultimately depends on the situation. What sword, what armor and what abilities ultimately depends on what monster(s) you end up fighting.

Helios X gives alot of options for diversity but I never take it against any monsters that do Dragon or Lightning damage.

Against Deviljho I take the Dober armor equipped with the pale Kaiser as it has decent Raw damage and has three slots allowing me more options for abilities. If it had three slots I would go for the Epitaph blade.

Against Lagiacrus and Ivory Crus I take the Depothesis. Against Nether either the Epitaph or Depothesis.

If it's a quest with multiple monsters that have different weaknesses: Slime, plain and simple.
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User Info: MartinAW4

3 years ago#10
The best GS are Blade of Tartarus, Nero`s Anguish and Cera Cymmetry depending on your armor skills and number of players fighting a monster.

GS is the worst weapon in the game at inflicting status/slime and dealing elemental damage, so it`s almost always better to use the one with the highest raw and best sharpness.

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