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User Info: DarkHeroRaven

3 years ago#21
My GS collection is:
Nero's Anguish (probably the best all-around GS)
Rathalos Gleamsword
Plesioth Aquablade
Nether Lufactrus
Stygian Acedia
Blade of Tartarus
Cera Cymmetry

There really aren't any good Ice GS, sadly. Sometimes I like to mix it up with element GS just for the fun of it. I've already cleared every quest in the game so I just do stuff for the funsies and helping people farm now :v Myxo Demolisher has never appealed to me. I'd much rather use Spectral Demolisher or Brisant Demolisher if I'm using a Brachydios weapon.
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User Info: MartinAW4

3 years ago#22
laughingmeds posted...
That Myxo run is the fastest GS run I could find. Slime also helps with staggers and falls. I don't think that pure raw would land a faster time, but who knows? Maybe you could do it. I keep hearing how much better pure raw is, but I've never actually seen put to the test.

I couldn`t get anywhere near that time with a GS, which I rarely use. Even my best SA runs take more than twice as long, but I`m sure he could do it faster with both the Myxo and Anguish because even though his run was amazing, he still made some mistakes like missing a couple of lv. 3 charges and eating a Might Seed before sharpening and not the other way around.

The fact that the best speedrunner uses a weapon doesn`t necessarily mean that it is the best choice. For example his Lagiacrus run was with the L. Narga GS. In general this guy seems to like using the Brachydios weapons in most of his videos, so that might explain why he chose the Myxo Demolisher.

And while it`s true that slime explosions help with staggers, the same can be said about extra raw. The monster would eventually flinch the same amount of times, possibly once more in the case of pure raw, the flinches would just happen at different times. And if he played the exact same way with Nero`s Anguish, he could have ended the fight one lv. 3 charge sooner, possibly getting a sub 6 min. capture.

User Info: laughingmeds

3 years ago#23
I've watched a lot of GS runs and noticed that a lot of people use Myxo to get fast times. I'll take your word for the raw calculations, but they depend on an ideal situation. Crunching numbers doesn't necessarily translate into actual quest results. I'll go so far as to say that when comparing raw with status, numbers are usually inaccurate in predicting results.

For that Lagiacrus video, the player may have needed the weapon slot. In addition, the set used in the video needed natural purple sharpness. Merak's has thirty affinity and poison as well, which certainly helped in the fast run. I don't know if the run would have been possible with another GS. The only thing I can competing with Merak's is the Alatreon GS but only if the slot was superfluous.

Essentially, the point I'm getting at is this: unless there is concrete evidence that raw is supreme for GS-ing a monster, why argue the point? I only go raw for HP tanks like Jhen Mohran, and even then, I still use Awaken. Element/status seems to work better than raw for me.
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User Info: MartinAW4

3 years ago#24
Shouldn`t it be the other way around? Unless there is concrete evidence against what the calculations suggest (in this case that raw > element/status/slime), it is safer to assume they are correct.

The fact that the fastest speedrun is done with a slime weapon doesn`t prove that the weapon is the best unless there is an identical run done with the strongest raw weapon with a slower kill time.

The numbers were taken directly from the video. I counted the amount of attacks he landed, noted the hit zones, charge level, critical hits and sharpness and calculated how much damage an extra 30 raw would have dealt. GS is the easiest weapon to do this with because of the low amount of hits it needs to kill a monster.

The calculations could be wrong of course since they are from the MHP3rd damage formula and the MH3U formula is unknown. Not to mention that calculating the exact benefit of status or slime is impossible because of their random infliction rate, so even if that same run was perfectly reproduced, the number of slime explosions could end up being different.

Now that I think about it, it could be pretty easy to test the difference between Myxo and Anguish on a Moga Woods punching bag monster like Arzuros. All you need to do is hit the same hit zone and count the number of lv. 3 charges it took to kill it, then repeat a couple of times to account for the varying slime application. I`ll try it out, but first I need to farm Brachydios a bit for some gems to make Myxo Demolisher.

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