HR Brachydios

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User Info: Jayuhh

3 years ago#1
Tried this once and carted 3 times when he was starting to get worn out. Was wondering if it was just my lack of experience with this monster and its damage/moveset or if it was my gear, so I'm gonna post it up here.

Full Volvidon S blademaster armor.
Plesioth Cutlasses (I read that it doesn't actually take much damage from water, so is there anything better than these?)
Health +7 Talisman (Literally the only somewhat useful talisman I have, probably isnt doing anything though, lol.)
Speed Sharpening gemmed into gear.

User Info: Kinthur

3 years ago#2
I did brachy for the first time with Volvidon S as well. I'm not sure if it was switch axe or a lance I used though. It shouldn't matter too much though.

Are you solo?
Take it easy when his slime turns yellow (enraged). When the slime is green he's much more manageable. Heal early. Roll off the slime.
Bring a shock trap, pitfall trap, and another trap tool + thunderbug.

Of course triple carting on your first attempt isn't horrible.
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User Info: evillocke

3 years ago#3
That Talisman isn't doing ANYTHING, try picking one with attack or evasion. Or any one with slots.

Plessy cutlasses are fine.
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User Info: Jayuhh

3 years ago#4
yeah, didn't think the talisman was doing anything. I haven't got any that have been remotely useful from what I've seen, Ima have to grind for some more probably. Thanks for the replies. :]

User Info: Sturm_the_Dark

3 years ago#5
It'll become a lot easier once you know his moves. Just wait until he finishes attacking and counterattack for a few hits. DBs are perfect for this since you'll be able to quickly cancel an attack and roll.

Brachy only takes decent water damage to the head and horn - it's likely that for most of the fight, you'll be hitting the arms and legs, which take much less damage. I actually used the Gigginox DBs (fully upgraded with HR mats) to deal consistent damage with poison, which was useful. It's particularly helpful if Brachy is going on a rage mode rampage and you don't get many openings. But for high rank, the Plesioth blades are far from bad, considering the limited choice you have.

Remember to use traps and flash bombs when he's exhausted, but you probably already know that.

Lastly, get rid of slimeblight by using deodorants, and not rolling. Rolling takes too much time and stamina, and can even leave you open to attack if you time a roll just before one of Brachy's attacks.
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User Info: MettanAtem

3 years ago#6
Make sure to break Brachy's hands.
To my experience, the slime on the hands dries out MUCH faster when broken.

User Info: Egoraptoire

3 years ago#7
MettanAtem posted...
Make sure to break Brachy's hands.
To my experience, the slime on the hands dries out MUCH faster when broken.

It's not just to your experience, that's actually what it does. Won't get the slime attacks to stop completely, and you will still be slimed if you're hit by his fists, even when the slime's dried. Bummer, I know.

More on topic, if you've got a decent weapon and can get his moveset down, you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. If I were you, I'd go for a high raw weapon instead of a water element one, simply because aiming for his head puts you in what's basically the most dangerous place there is to be. Bring some traps if you'd like, those helped me quite a bit when I was first getting used to fighting him, and of course, bring bombs to utilize when he's trapped, and when he goes to nap.
Stick to his legs like a leech, the only attack he can really hit you with there are the tail swipes he does, but they're rendered useless if you chop off the tail. In fact, while he's doing them, so long as you don't get hit, it's a good opportunity to get some damage in, since he always does them in twos.
Play your cards very, very carefully, when he's enraged. Don't get greedy with your attacks, he turns around as fast as a bullet and follows up immediately with a one-two punch, and those are especially deadly when he gets mad. Try to keep the range between you and him minimal, and whatever you do, do NOT let him land on you when he does a jump attack. If he's enraged, try to get hit by the surrounding explosion if you have to, it doesn't do nearly as much as being crushed by two tons of explosive indigo.
You can get through a good bit of his attacks by rolling forward such as his punches, and you're able to dodge his jump completely if you move towards him. You've got Evasion +1, it should be a cakewalk.
He's fast, and will seem a bit overwhelming at first, but if you're careful and know what you can get away with, you should be fine.

User Info: Tarotist

3 years ago#8
I triple carted against Brachydios as well the first time I fought him. I mained Lance and I realized that it wasn't the optimal weapon against him. Mobile weapons like SnS, DB and Long Sword are good choices for starters since Brachydios likes to move around a lot. Plessy's cutlasses will do. Trip it then go dance on its face.

Take note, as long as Brachydios is enraged, it will never trip no matter how many times you hack at it's legs (it will flinch though). When it's not enraged, take that opportunity to go all out on it's legs. When it falls, get dancing.

It's risky, but try to get used to rolling between its legs to escape some of its attacks. And stay on the move. The biggest opening you have to attack Brachydios can also be the biggest opening that Brachydios has to send you back to camp...
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User Info: evillocke

3 years ago#9
I actually used Lance with Helios ZZZVZ gemmed for evade distance on my HR6 urgent.

I was using Luinox The Thirsty or whatever comes before that one. I had my brother with me, but he died twice and stayed at base for 90% of the fight, so yeah, lol. Went ahead and soloed it with a GS later.

The worst weapon to use on brachy, is HBG, imho. This is one monster that is anti-gun.
JP 3DS FC:2809-9141-2284 MH4: HR170+
I made a blog about Hermit Crabs

User Info: Jayuhh

3 years ago#10
So just did a few runs of HR Volcano with Leather S gear to get some charms and managed to get a King's Talisman for +7 water attack -9 ice res. Will that do anything for this fight? or shall I keep going for attack/charms with slots?

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