Qurupeco leaving the screen is infuriating

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User Info: Runeweaver

3 years ago#31
jrbeerman11 posted...
Fluffy mask is my preferred way to see monsters as said above, might as well make cha cha as useful as possible.

Multi is never an issue as most youll play with will know patterns or you can jjst split the search party.

Youll learn to appreciate the running as it gives opportunity to eat, heal, sharpen, etc...

Also quro goes to area 10 to eat fish when hungry

I wont have anyone say Cha Cha isnt useful, yesterday he killed Jhen Mohran, the whole mission was going wrong and just as Jhen raised for what was probably a last smash down, i was praying the dragonator was gonna reset, Cha Cha shot him in the belly with the balista and killed it, made up for all the times he's blown me up throwing bombs with the felyne mask on.

User Info: Katellox

3 years ago#32
Cha Cha has so far been useful as a distraction more than anything.

It's amazing how far I've come with this game. Getting so much better, I've been playing a LOT. In fact today I killed *and* captured a Qurupeco, captured and killed four Royal Ludroths, survived a long encounter with a Rathian but didn't kill it, made a full Royal Ludroth set w/ greatsword and just now I took down a Great Wroggi (absolute cake).

I am adapting to the intelligence of the monsters and the combat mechanics... slowly, but I am :)

User Info: PraLiNeN

3 years ago#33
If you stick with it, it will eventually become muscle memory :P pretty much. Good luck :)
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User Info: Katellox

3 years ago#34
I hope so... I HAVE to kill that Rathian now!

User Info: Emuchu

3 years ago#35
Katellox posted...
I hope so... I HAVE to kill that Rathian now!

You'll despise Rathian's husband. He's like her, but with 10x more flying and fireballs. He even has this move where he basically spends two minutes flying in circles over your head, way past where you can hit him, like a taunt. He's not hard, but he's a little b****.
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User Info: Wydis

3 years ago#36
Trick to the Rathian that works with most melee weapons is to settle in just beside her head-- being beside it means you're not hit by the liftoff tail spins, or fire attacks, while being ahead of the front legs means tail whips aren't as difficult to deal with. Basic trampling can still hit you, of course, but that's not going to be dealing much damage. Once you realize that Rathain tends to turn exactly twice and then act, it's a pretty reliable positioning. You can also break the wingtips and KO from this location, and sitting behind the back feet and upswinging can help with safe tailcuts (it's close enough that tail whips won't hit, yet not underfoot as to get trampled... but try to still stay a bit aside, else the liftoff spin will nail you). If you get good with an impact weapon like the hammer, in particular, you can actually just stand right in front and wail on her head directly-- between staggers and KOs, added to the fact that most of her forwards attacks have some startup lag, you can pretty much just all-out-attack with minimal trickery.

If you're ever worried about a hunt, though, in general, just over-prepare. Failing that, try it online first to just see its patterns without all its focus being on you. On my first run of Brachidios, I remember taking a full inventory into the fight, and ending it with only whetstones and steaks left... and I'd also brought a stack of potions, mega potions, blue shrooms+herbs+honey, demondrugs, dash juice, armorskins, barrel bombs, traps+trap tools, flash bombs, cool drinks... I had -no- idea what I was doing, but I made it through the fight all the same, and it was quite fun and rewarding as with all first-hunts. Sure, I did terribly, but I made it through on my first try solo (which is better than my first Qurupeco run, even, where I ran out of time).

As a note, if a monster capable of flight is limping, I've noticed that they ted to retreat to their entry point before taking off-- I've used this to set traps for them pretty reliably. Just setting one in their entry point once they land and leave that spot a bit makes for decent insurance, as you can still lead them there normally, but if they limp to it, you get them either way.

In any case! Practice, preparation, and attention to detail are what'll get you farther and farther in MH-- now I can capture Qurupecos without being hit, while breaking their beak and flintstones, and netting three KOs in the process... and that's wielding an oversized kazoo (or harmonica, rather). Hell, if I make it a violin, I can keep it from ever attacking at all sometimes, between KOs, paralysis, and interrupting its call. It gets really satisfying to backpedal and remember just how much better you've gotten at fighting older monsters-- especially when you re-fight them in higher ranks and get to build upon those skills even more.

Monster Hunter certainly has its quirks and aging mechanics, but it's certainly got one hell of a rewarding experience to it.
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User Info: Runeweaver

3 years ago#37
Make yourself a wroggi set of armor, it has sharpness and negate poison, so your weapon wont blunt as quick and the tail flip attack of the rathian wont poison you, also helps with a few other monsters your gonna meet in the not to distant future.

User Info: Jayuhh

3 years ago#38
3 Psychoserums are great for this situation.

User Info: VisceralLuster

3 years ago#39
I'm just gonna state for the record that capturing monsters is not only easier to do, you also get more materials from captured monsters than killed ones. I try to capture every time unless I run out of traps.

I will say, though, that I have a Psychic talisman and a bunch of gems in my Wroggi armor, so I use Autotracker and I love it.

User Info: Furan-San

3 years ago#40
And this is why....no matter what beast I have to slay/cap, I always have space for Paintballs and Psychoserums. Because this has happened to me when I least expect it.
May the schwartz be with you, always.
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