What do you always carry on you?

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User Info: Wolfie_Claws

3 years ago#11
Herbs, Pots, Mega Pots, Antidote, Cool/Hot Drink, Whets, Shock Trap, Thunderbugs, Trap Tools, Powertalon, Armourtalon, Mega Net, Mega Pick. Thats all i can remember at the top of my head. Pretty standard stuff
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User Info: Egoraptoire

3 years ago#12
Potions, Megas, Honey to make more, two Max Potions in case I cart, Whetstones, Energy Drinks, Paintballs, Dung bombs, a Power and Armor charm. That's about it, you don't need much else for the average hunt.

User Info: ajko000

3 years ago#13
Book of Combos 1-5
Mega Potions
Max Potions
Dung Bombs
Shock Trap
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User Info: VisceralLuster

3 years ago#14
I'm a Dual Swords user. Some of my item-carry choices are affected by my armor, which is currently as follows:
-Wroggi S (High-rank) set with Psychic decorations and a Psychic talisman. (Autotracker, Razor Sharp, Negate Poison, Speed Eating, Shakalaka Rally)*
*I also have a set specifically for Ceadeus and deep-water fights that has Endless Oxygen instead of Autotracker.

10 Potion
10 Mega Potion
2 Max Potion
1 Ancient Potion
10 Well-Done Steak
10 Dung Bomb
8 Tranq Bomb
Pitfall Trap
Shock Trap
10 Whetstones

This is my "bare minimum" for questing. If I'm going out into the Moga Woods for resources, I will also carry additional Trap Tools and Thunderbugs. The reason, btw, that I use the Wroggi armor is the Razor Sharp and the Negate Poison (Razor Sharp doubles the length of time it takes my dual swords to dull), and since there are a load of poisonous monsters (Rathian, Rathalos, all their color variations, Purple Ludroth, and a ton of others) the Negate Poison comes in incredibly handy. I am a master of removing Rathian tails because of this.

User Info: PhoenixBaggi

3 years ago#15
A Bible and spare underpants.

User Info: MettanAtem

3 years ago#16
Items I always bring:
Combo Book 1
Combo Book 2
Potion x10
Mega Potion x10
Max Potion x2 (only for in case I cart)
Energy Drink x10
Demondrug x5
Armorskin x5
Whetstone x20 (I only restock this when I end a hunt with less than 10 left)
Honey x10
Dung Bomb x10 (This is the item I forget most often)
Power Charm
Power Talon
Armor Charm
Armor Talon

Situational items:
Hot/Cold Drink x10 (only if the hunting ground needs it)
Flash Bomb x5 (only against a Rath, it's less important for me against other monsters)
Sonic Bomb x10 (only against Diablos or Qurupeco, not quite as important for me against other monsters)
Herbal Medicine x10 (only if the monster has Poison)
Shock Trap x1 (only if I want to cap)
Pitfall Trap x1 (only if I want to cap Zinogre)
Tranq Bomb x8 (only if I want to cap)

User Info: Necris_666

3 years ago#17
I hate downtime so I fill my pouch to the max, makes it easier to replenish after a hunt (everything else gets grayed out)

10 Mega Pots
5 Hots
5 Colds
5 Mega Dash
2 Max Pots
10 Healing Medicine
3 Lifepowders
2 Dust of Life
The 4 Charms
10 Tranq Bombs
10 Flash Bombs
10 Sonic Bombs
10 Dung Bombs
Trap Tool
Pitfall Trap
Shock Trap
99 Thunderbug
2 LBB+
10 Scatterfish
10 Whetstones
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User Info: vorlik29

3 years ago#18
To everyone who brings along a gazillion potions along with materials and combo books to make even more potions, what are earth are you doing each hunt that you need that much health recovery? Protip: Convert your mass potion space into space for useful things, like traps, tranqs, bombs, etc if you aren't already carrying them. It's like Doomsday Preppers in here. Personally I bring a couple pages of things.

10 Mega Pots - Usually use a couple here or there each quest.
2 Max Potions - On the offhand chance you space out and die, to max out health again.
3 Lifepowders - To heal teammates. If I'm saving their ass more than three times, I'm leaving.
The 4 charms - Self Explanatory.
Pitfall Trap - Self Explanatory.
Shock Trap - Self Explanatory.
2 LBB+ - Got tired of forgetting them when a gunner randomly breaks out sleep.
20 Whetstones - Restock these every 10 or so hunts.
8 Tranq Bombs - Because you shouldn't rely on others to capture things for you. Or someone wants to cap but didn't bring them themselves.
5 Flash Bombs - Useful on nearly every monster.
10 Dung Bombs - Useful primarily for shooing away unstable zone invades.
Paintballs - I just have a whole bunch on hand but only use them if I have Guru gemmed.
5 Dash Juice - Really easy to acquire, only use them when I DS though, sometimes Lance or SA.
5 Mega Pickaxe - For the rare occasion I spawn in a secret area.

It takes five seconds to add Herbal Medicine, Hot/Cold Drinks, or Sonic Bombs for the few monsters those are even useful on. If you run a lot of Trapmaster maybe bring some spare trap mats I guess.
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User Info: MettanAtem

3 years ago#19
vorlik29 posted...
To everyone who brings along a gazillion potions along with materials and combo books to make even more potions, what are earth are you doing each hunt that you need that much health recovery?

It's just in case something goes horribly wrong.

User Info: AoiHydra101

3 years ago#20

Book of Combo's 1
Book of Combo's 2
Book of Combo's 3
Book of Combo's 4
Book of Combo's 5
10 Mega Potions
10 Potions
10 Herbs
2 Max Potions
5 Tanzia Chips
3 Barrel Bomb L
2 Barrel Bomb L+
10 Dung Bombs
10 Well-Done Steaks
2 Trap Tools
2 Thunderbugs
1 Shock Trap
8 Tranq Bombs (unless facing a Elder Dragon or Abyssal Lagiacrus)
70 Bone Husk S
20 Bone Husk L
10 Sleepyfish
10 Scatterfish
50 Wyvern Claws
10 Bomb Arowana
10 Burst Arowana

(Pretty much what I use all the time now.. God's Archipelago)

Normal S3
Crag S1
Crag S2
Crag S3
Clust S1
Clust S2
Clust S3
Sleep S2
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