When did you start your MH career?

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User Info: epiclawnboy

3 years ago#11
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User Info: Runeweaver

3 years ago#12
MH on the ps2

User Info: Wolfie_Claws

3 years ago#13
This game was my first, and i'm pretty sure it won't be my last
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User Info: BlackHawkBerg

3 years ago#14
Played once or twice on ps2 (didn't own a ps2), bought MHF and have owned every game since
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User Info: VisceralLuster

3 years ago#15
MHFU. Finger yoga, baby~ I was good at it, and it took several hours before my hand started getting stiff doing that. The sad part is that I was actually reluctant to move from MHFU to MH3U. I really hope that the online MH comes to the US. It'll be nice to not have to rely on the whims of my friends to play with others.

User Info: serpents_wrath

3 years ago#16

User Info: muffinmasher

3 years ago#17
MH Tri on the Wii.
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User Info: Tarotist

3 years ago#18
MHF on the PSP.
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User Info: ajko000

3 years ago#19
MH3, went back to MHFU, hated it, went to MHP3rd, enjoyed it much more but still, the game is broken without more players, and now MH3U.

Seriously, if you don't have any distractions, you almost never get a chance to heal, and seldom get the chance to sharpen.
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User Info: psoRanger

3 years ago#20
on the PS2. cant even remember how i stumbled across the game, went into funcoland and bought it on a whim. the rest as they say is history. showed it to my older brother and epic hunts followed for a good long while.
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