When did you start your MH career?

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User Info: millimayne

3 years ago#21
3 Ultimate. And I just bought the ios version of Freedom Unite on the iPhone.
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User Info: pinipigbomb

3 years ago#22
I bought MH3U about a couple of months ago and I've literally never taken it out of my 3DS since. It was a rough ride, but this is one of those few games where I, myself, feel as if I've gotten better and not because of some 500+ HP and good weapons. I'm currently at the 100 hour mark and preparing to fight a Jhen Mohran.

User Info: cyclone327

3 years ago#23
MH Tri for the Wii was my 1st hunt.

User Info: Farlaff

3 years ago#24
Tri for Wii back in 2011. Played 450 hours. Getting close to that on 3U.
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User Info: Furan-San

3 years ago#25
MHFU for the PSP made me a fan and an addict (over 1000 hours - male and fem hunters).

At the beginning, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. Every weapon I used made me look like a fool until I got the hang of it. Been using the LS, Bow and DB ever since. I remember dying on cold places cause I didn't know about heat/cold resistance potions and what not. I felt so proud when I killed my first Tigrex (Killed it June 6, 2012 - I wrote the date and all - ROFL!). Then the Fatalis trio appeared in my life and I crawled on a ball and cried myself to sleep.

I then bought MHP3rd (over 900+ hours on both male and female hunters) and got hyped when I got MH3U. So far same story, got my main gal and my male hunter and both are in their 700+ hours) and my female has almost all of her awards (finally got the Artisans Hammer WOOOT!)

Recently bought MH4 (for collection since the stupid 3DS is region locked and even though I'm tempted, I'm not getting a JAP 3DS) and waiting (desperately) for MH4U.

2015 PLEASE arrive faster I wanna play!!! =^_^=
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User Info: arche289

3 years ago#26
MH3U is my first.
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User Info: Rizzlerocks

3 years ago#27
I started playing Monster Hunter when Tri first came out. I saw the viking/hunter dude driving around with a Lagiacrus head in the back of his truck on a Youtube ad and I knew I had to try the game. I've put hundreds of hours into Tri, 3u, and Freedom Unite ever since then.

User Info: ToxicJuicebox

3 years ago#28
I started with Tri, but I have since gone back and played MHFU and the original Ps2 game.
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

3 years ago#29
MHFU and I hated every second of it.

Had it not been for my friend convincing me to get MH3U I would've probably given up on the franchise.
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User Info: oomomow

3 years ago#30
Freedom Unite kind of. I hated the game so much. It felt broken (hit boxes etc.) I tried Portable 3rd (I really liked the design of the Zinogre), and I loved the game. Didn't get very far (not knowing Japanese and all.) Playing MH3U now, I'm loving every minute.
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