High Rank Agnaktor, Rathalos or Rath Soul?

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User Info: nimbus125

3 years ago#1
After just farming for High Rank Zinogre Armor to use with my Bolt Axe +, I want to know which of these 3 armor sets would be best with Red Rook +? Rath Soul seems to be the best overall offensive set, Agnaktor is good for lancers, and Rathalos is also good offensive and I'll have to farm him a lot for the Red Rook + anyway. If you could also tell me how I should decorate it, I'd appreciate it ;)
(Btw, I'm in HR3, but I have friends to help get stuff from HR4 and 5 too)

User Info: petrie911

3 years ago#2
Rath Soul is a great all-around set. For a more gunlance-specific set, Uragaan U has Guard, Artillery, and Stam. Recov.
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User Info: LinkRJB

3 years ago#3
It boils down to how exactly you're using your gunlance; If you're using the gunlance's specific abilities like guarding, shelling, and wyvern fire, then go with Uragaan U, since it's practically built around the gunlance. If you're using the gunlance like a more generic blademaster weapon, then go with Rath Soul
Also, not to be backseat hunting or anything, but what exactly are you planning to do with that Red Rook+? If you're making it just to have so you can eventually get the World's Demise then that's great, but if you're planning on actually using it then I'd have to recommend against that. The Dios Gunlance (+) is obtainable where you are in the game right now, and that weapon is so obscenely overpowered for the rest of high rank that you'll never need to use another weapon.
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  3. High Rank Agnaktor, Rathalos or Rath Soul?

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