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User Info: oomomow

3 years ago#11
PhoenixBaggi posted...
In most French/German/Spanish/whatever rooms people dont care that you cant speak it, just dont expect much conversation you an follow.

If It was Japanese it wouldn't be that bad, I know most of the Japanese monster names and how to yes or no. If it was French I could do pretty decent. Anything else I would end up making a racist sounding remark (not intentional of course!)
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User Info: arche289

3 years ago#12
Revisiti posted...
rant topic henceforth. I had a person in GRANK in HIGH RANK in a jho FARMING ROOM say i sucked. I was using full LR helios and get carted next to nothing, yet the person with the best gear said i sucked. it's what made me hate most grank players

If a player can't handle your gear then they can leave. I got bugged about using Caedus Axe against I. Lagi and I said it s my best Axe ATM with raw phial. Still wasn't good enough for that guy.

/rant - players posting when they enter a room. If it says turns, then check to see whose turn it is first.
Getting older but not wiser

User Info: tuffydog

3 years ago#13
It's equally awkward when a room is setup with some specific monster as the target, the desired item in the name ("Mantles!", "Kingwhiskr", etc.), three hunters geared up to tackle it - and then some fourth guy shows up and begs everyone to do something completely different.

Sorry dude, please make another room to take care of your key quests.

User Info: Revisiti

3 years ago#14
I hate it when some HR 100+ person comes into a room thinking they're debeste, its annoying on its own.

WHATS EVEN WORSE is when they cart once and they abandon the quest, and quit game and presumably cry in a corner..it hurts especially when the quest is easier with 4 players.

User Info: arche289

3 years ago#15
I hate it when people abandon after 2 carts have occurred. Tough it out and work hard for the kill/cap. It will feel even more sweet to win those. You lose so few HRP that even failing isn't a big deal.
Getting older but not wiser

User Info: SolidKnight

3 years ago#16
I hate it when I join then the room is abandoned after waiting for thirty minutes for everyone to get ready.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

3 years ago#17
I hate joining rooms where people are done hunting said monster and don't say anything .

I also hate joining rooms where someone takes forever to ready up then it turns out host has to leave suddenly and just closes the room so you get booted offline. Is it that hard to give people a chance to leave so you don't have to go all the way back only in and fight your way back online. Getting into Free A is quite the task because idiots/@holes don't realize there are other lobbies to make rooms in. People who have stuff to suddenly go like that shouldn't even bother getting online if they know they have something to do seriously.
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

3 years ago#18
I hate when:

1) I join a room, the host tells me they are almost done, and asks if I will wait, and then closes the room after the quest
2) when people do not read the room description
.......a) Having an Hr that is too low when G Rank is specified
.......b) Having the wrong set (ex. joining a "4pt Arken" room without the Arken HBG set)
.......c) Walk into a room and just post a completely unrelated quest without asking
3) Take an EXCESSIVE amount of time between quests
4) Refuse to leave a room after I politely explain to them something that should have been clear to them from reading the room description before they join
5) Noobs who think they are pro, but then completely suck during quests
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