Is There Any Ups For the Lance as Opposed to the Gunlance?

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User Info: oomomow

3 years ago#1
I remember having a decent amount of fun with the lance (not being able to properly roll made me quit it.) I remember everyone telling me to just go gunlance, but is that the truly better option? How many positives does the regular lance have over the gunlance and how big are they?
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User Info: LunarPatrol

3 years ago#2
I personally prefer the gunlance after having tried both. Being used to LS and relying on dodging the exchange was not overly pleasant but I leraned to manage. The shield is actually a great thing and being able to strike back while holding it is even greater. The main difference between the two is the lances higher mobility over the gunlance (which isn't even that great by my standards) and the gunlances firepower. The lance to me just seems more flimsy in comparison to the gunlance.
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

3 years ago#3
lance has counter, which allows its user to "block" an attack and retaliate w/ their best attack.
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User Info: CmaBoy

3 years ago#4
This topic has some discussion on the two:

tl;dr: Lances have triple evade, guard advance, counter, and jousting charge. Gunlances have shells, advance thrust, full burst, and Wyvern's Fire. Relentless infighting vs. big situational bursts.
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User Info: arche289

3 years ago#5
Just starting to try the two out and the lance seems to have more ability to apply constant pressure with the combo-hop-combo.
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User Info: sacrontine

3 years ago#6
Most people I see claim the lance is better than the gunlance. I have used both a lot and I think the gunlance is more fun but it's very hard to tell which is better.

User Info: Purokanin

3 years ago#7
I'll take the Lance's consistency over the Gunlance's gimmicky bursts, but the GL is more fun if you like variety.

I don't like the inconsistent heights in the GL stabs and the lunging stab has this wonky swing that tags the feet or wings before the head half the time. Lance stabs are much more precise throughout the entire combo. Wyvernfire and Full Burst can be good if you land them at appropriate times, but its debatable whether you should be wasting sharpness when meleeing is more of a sure bet. If it doesn't stagger the monster, you're also stuck in a massive recoil. I do love knocking monsters out of the air or bursting zinogres out of their charge though.

The biggest reason I stopped using GL as much is because of the lack of counter. Against monsters that are evade friendly, GL/Lance play very similar: you stick to your targeted area and keep up a relentless attack. Against some monsters that you have to guard, you waste much more time getting stuck in the guard animation. ex: Uragaan. His multiple chin slams can be quick countered into a combo. His fart only hits once, so you can combo right through it after a counter.
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  3. Is There Any Ups For the Lance as Opposed to the Gunlance?

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