Gadgets, weapons, and Villains in 007 Legends.

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User Info: Fire_Plover

5 years ago#1
This is all the information I've currently been able to find on the Gadgets/Weapons, and Legend characters available so far. (For some reason, there don't seem to be any comprehensive lists of these published yet, so I've been trying to find it on my own).

Please don't post until I've gotten all of my information down; but feel free to add to the list after that. :)
I used multiple videos for this information, so thanks to Lvl8Pikachu, [RS]Zoso, and a great post made by StichRS for the Legend Characters descriptions (which I shamelessly quoted word for word. They were just that good). I'm not sure if all of these are applicable for everything, or certain things for certain things or what, but this is everything I've found so far.

Legend Characters:

Goldfinger: Gold frag grenades with higher blast radius than regular grenades, always drops grenade when killed, always carries gold plated revolver.

Oddjob: Short, recovers from damage faster, immune to melee damage, walks same speed when crouched, uses hat instead of grenades.

Miss Galore: Infinite sprint, gold frag grenades with larger blast radius than normal, drops grenade when killed.

Blofeld: Reduced bullet damage, one additional mine for any mine type he carries, hollow point ammo for higher bullet damage.

Franz Sanchez: Extra ammo for all weapons, any enemy who kills him is marked on his radar and receives extra damage from him until he kills them.

Gustav Graves: Damage reduction, electrical damage to any enemy coming in physical contact (Melee and touch), suppresses mines so they can't detonate.

Zao: Reduced headshot damage, increased range and stun on flashbangs, can destroy mines with flashbangs, reduced damage to arms, electric melee damage.

Jinx: Always carries Bennetti TC32, carries throwing knives instead of grenades, infinite sprint.

Hugo Drax: Increased shotgun range, additional ammo for primary, reduced recoil and rattle for all weapons, always carries laser pistol (Not to be confused with Moonraker Laser)

Jaws: Increased health, longer melee reach, reduced head shot damage, reflects portion of head shot damage back at attacker.

Dr. No: Immune to arm shots, suppresses mines preventing their detonation, special ammo which tracks anyone shot with it on radar for a short time.

Rosa Klebb: Increased firearm accuracy, quick weapon switch, always carries Pearl Grip 418 sidearm, carries poisoned stiletto blades instead of grenades.

Red Grant: Reduced melee damage, faster melee strike, quick movement while aiming down sights, reduced recoil and rattle, always carries Red 96 sidearm.

Emilio Largo: Moves quickly while aiming down sights, always carries additional mine, can hear enemy footsteps louder, silenced weapons being fired marked on radar.

Dr. Kananga: Radar detects anyone he has killed at all times, radar temporarily marks any enemy hit by his grenades, always carries compressed air pistol.

Baron Samedi: Additional health, portion of damage he deals is returned back to his health, temporarily stops enemy health recovery.

Scaramanga: Moves significantly faster than anyone else while aiming down sights, increased weapon accuracy, always carries Golden Gun with 3 bullets, gains one additional golden bullet for every kill he gets with Golden Gun.

Max Zorin: Reduced delay before health regenerates, extra ammo, reduced fuse time on grenades.
GoldenEye: Aether'/RC : 0953-0826-2559 |

User Info: Fire_Plover

5 years ago#2

:::Assault Rifles:::
Kallos TT9
Bennetti ARV
Terralite III
Faroh M55
STK-21 Commando

:::Submachine Guns:::
Danyo LT7
Sigmus 9
Stauger UA-1
Moonraker Laser
Dynamiks PTJ-20
Strata SV-400

:::Sniper Rifles:::
Pavlov ASR
Gambit CP-208

Camara US6
PT-9 Interdictus
Drumhead Type-12
Masterton M-557

Red Dot Sight
Rapid Fire
ACOG Scope
Micro-Rifled Barrel
High Capacity Magazines
Thermal Scope
Laser Pointer
Rapid Fire


Torka T3
Tec-Fire RF30
Iguana .44
Pearl Grip 418
Bennetti TC32
Gold-Plated Revolver

:::Machine Pistols:::
Kunara V
Red 96
Compressed Air Pistol
Laser Pistol

MJR 409
Militek GL6

High Capacity Magazines


-Gadget 1:
Flashbangs - 3 x Flashbang Grenades
Smoke Screen - 3 x Smoke Grenades (with secondary detonation damage)
Mine Sweeper - Marks nearby enemy mines on your HUD, and highlights enemy grenades.
Remote Trigger Mines - 2 x Remotely denotable mines, which can be retrieved after being planted.
Timed Mines - 2 x High explosive mines with a fixed fuse time.
Proximity Mines - 1 x Throwable, explosive mine that is activated by nearby enemy motion. Can be retrieved after being planted.
Icarus Flashbang - 2 x Powerful flashbang's which destory mines, inflict damage, and have better range.
Solitaire's Guidance - The position of the last enemy you killed is marked on the radar.

-Gadget 2:
Reactions - Recover from grenade and equipment use quicker, and ADS faster.
Polarized Contacts - Makes you immune to flash grenades, and lets you identify enemies from farther away.
Fast Forward - Increases all movement speed, except for vaulting, climbing, and ADSing.
Camouflage - Undetectable by Solitaire's Guidance and Thermal Sights. Enemies will not have Aim Assist or a Red Reticule when targeting you, and your name will NOT appear.
Last Act of Defiance - Drops a live frag grenade at your feet at death, and detonates all of your currently placed mines.
Reactive Armour - Increased resistance to explosions, and reduces your flinch time after.
Short Fuse - Reduced frag fuse times.
Dead Aim - Move faster while Aiming down sights.

-Gadget 3:
Snap Shot - Improves accuracy when firing from the hip, and speeds up your melee attack.
Speed Loader - Cuts down the reload time on all firearms, and speeds up the swapping to a grenade launcher.
Shadowing - Silences your footsteps, and eliminates falling damage.
Fully Stocked - Two attachments can be put on both your Primary and Secondary weapons.
Cardio Conditioning - Sprint for longer distances, and speeds up vaulting and climbing.
Multi-Task - Allows you to replace your Secondary with another primary (applies to Legend Characters as well)
Mag Frenzy - Increased starting ammo for all weapons, excluding launchers.
Carbon-14 Ammo - Temporary tracking ammo that paints enemies recently hit on your radar.
GoldenEye: Aether'/RC : 0953-0826-2559 |

User Info: XChaosPrimeX

5 years ago#3
Nice post! Could you also list the characters available on split screen? My question would be... is HazMat still there?

User Info: Fire_Plover

5 years ago#4
XChaosPrimeX posted...
Nice post! Could you also list the characters available on split screen? My question would be... is HazMat still there?

Unfortunately, I don't actually own the game yet (solely buying the Wii U edition), so I've only been going off of YouTube videos I've seen, or other posts people have made, and just piling it all together. I'll take a look around for some split-screen videos, though! :p
GoldenEye: Aether'/RC : 0953-0826-2559 |
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