[Poll] Is this your first Call of Duty title?

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User Info: kuragari1anonly

4 years ago#1
Well? - Results (73 votes)
19.18% (14 votes)
80.82% (59 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#2
First one owned but not first played.
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User Info: Drumguy

4 years ago#3
First one I owned was Call of Duty and the United Offensive expansion on the PC. First one I owned on a console was Call of Duty 3 on Wii.
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User Info: Xenozoa425

4 years ago#4
Big Red One. On the GCN I think. Lol.

I enjoyed MoH more though, especially the multiplayer in European Assault.
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User Info: GuerillaGorilla

4 years ago#5
Xenozoa425 posted...
Big Red One. On the GCN

Me too. (smirk)
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User Info: Betrayer_Bot

4 years ago#6
Xeno, is a hacker.
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User Info: BrownsM1

4 years ago#7
Finest Hour on the GCN was my first

Big Red One is still my all time favorite of the entire series
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User Info: Sighted

4 years ago#8
First CoD game I saw/played was 3, since I had been playing the MoH games up until then. Frontline was one of my favorite games.

First online CoD was W@Wii, since I didn't have an Xbox yet
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User Info: DoomsSD

4 years ago#9

My first CoD was actually CoD1 all the way back from my PC days. Got the expansion pack too.

Then I forgot entirely about CoD until Black Ops Wii. Part of the reason I didn't care about the Wii version having limited graphics was that it reminded me of the older PC game.
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Final Fantasy2389 4 years ago#10
Nah. I think the first one I bought was Blops last year.
Before that I had played them a couple times (like the demo for CoD2 on Xbox), and played Big Red One on GCN at one point.

I've also played some of 4, WaW, MW2 and MW3. All of those were campaign except MW3 where I did play online for a lil bit but I didn't like it much.
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