This version or 360 version?

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4 years ago#1
I'm only asking because for Christmas, my mom got me this version (she told me because she wasn't sure what I wanted), and I wouldn't buy it otherwise (lots of other games to play.) But I can get it returned for the 360 version if I want.

What should I do?
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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

4 years ago#2
This version imo. It runs identically but has some great perks with the GamePad. The only drawback is the small community, but I feel that balances out with the hateful community of XBL.
Steam & Nintendo ID: JonnyBigBoss

User Info: beginningatlast

4 years ago#3
I have both versions and find myself playing the Wii U version more often. The reason for that is I can play on the gamepad while my TV is occupied by the family.

The small community does have an impact on the playlists. If you are looking for objective based modes outside of domination you'll be out of luck. If however you are a TDM player you'll have plenty of people to play with.

User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#4
You can play hardpoint, kill confirmed, snd, and groundwar on peak times on weekends with another person in your party.. Otherwise, its fairly easy to play those modes solo, in most hours.

The community will double after x mas.
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User Info: sparks73

4 years ago#5
having the flexibility of playing the game just on the gamepad is huge.... use it all the time! The game plays very smoothly on the wii u, we have the choice of motion controls as well. only downside is number of players on-line.... but that should pick up over the next few weeks!


4 years ago#6
OK, I'll just keep the Wii U version. I didn't even play MW3 on XBL honestly, and I already have Halo 4.
360: Taco Belmont PS3: TacoBelmont WiiU: TacoBelmont

User Info: okibisan

4 years ago#7
Wii U version by far. I played both the 360 and Wii U versions, but the smoothness, gamepad only option, and wiimotes are a huge plus.
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