Why do I keep getting one shot killed?

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  3. Why do I keep getting one shot killed?

User Info: SongOfHealing

4 years ago#1
Im running an MSMC with quickdraw/laser and am up close to pretty much every gun in the game, LMGs, ARs and all they are doing is hipfiring, whilst I an ADSing.

It goes like this, I see the guy, start shooting then he shoots maybe once and kills me. On the killcam it shows me shooting him and then him just klilling me in 1 bullet, he doesnt even bother to ADS. What is this? And how are people doing this?

Its happening in like 90% of my games, and its starting to get frustrating that no matter what I do, I cannot kill anyone in a straight up gunfight even if I have an advantage in cover, height and time (me shooting first).
In my 12 hours of gameplay, i dont think I have had my screen go red, its either clear or dead, there has been no istances of anything in between, is this normal?

Is there some way I can reach the developers in charge of this game and explain my issue? Its frustrating to continue playing this game.

Sorry if this is how this game works, this is my first Call of duty game, so I want to get some opinions of some people who actually play this game before i declare myself mentally unstable.
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User Info: _ShaymonEwe_

4 years ago#2
Wrong account, Bacon. :P
Shame on you.

User Info: RonDijon

4 years ago#3
I've been osok a lot from shotguns but not smgs or lmgs. Could be lag comp?

User Info: QualiT

4 years ago#4
_ShaymonEwe_ posted...
Wrong account, Bacon. :P

Not me. I dont like the MSMC and the quickdraw attachment is a waste when you can just ADS before going round corners...

I do want his name though e.e
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User Info: BirdPwNz100

4 years ago#5
Lag comp is your problem, and the way the game plays out as well. Treyarch always seems to add like an easymode playout into their CoD games while also BSing everyone.

Tl;dr Treyarch are trolls
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User Info: sahlback

4 years ago#6
It happens now and then and feels very frustrating. Like WTF am I playing hardcore or what? Try the game finding setting for best connection. I can't always find games there yet here in Europe bit that should be better after Santa.
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  3. Why do I keep getting one shot killed?

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