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User Info: digiblaster

5 years ago#1
What do I do about this? It hasn't been problematic for me in the couple of games I've played since coming back home (it was Open at my parents' house when I visited) but I remember it being an issue on the 360.

I've had it lag ever so slightly, but not in a gamebreaking way whatsoever. Should I just leave it as is, or is it worth trying to fix?

For what it's worth, I'm connecting to the internet using Connectify on my laptop, since I only have a wired connection in my flat (Wii U wireless to laptop through Connectify hotspot then via the laptop ethernet port to the internet).

User Info: dunkis

5 years ago#2
It won't make a direct difference on your lag from what I understand, though people will argue that it can indirectly affect it by what games you can join. I tried opening ports for the game, and it went up to moderate for the time, but went back to strict again, so I really don't know. People suggest a lot of different things and I'm not really sure what will work and what won't because it mostly depends on your internet and devices. For the most part, you won't need to worry about it too much compared to the issues it caused on the 360. It's more finicky on the Wii U
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User Info: RonDijon

5 years ago#3
My NAT will stay open as long as I don't connect the ps3 and/or xbox to any internet, at which point it goes to moderate or strict.
All I do is restart my router right before I press A to connect and its back to open sesame though.
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User Info: DerPancake

5 years ago#4
MY NETGEAR router, had a NAT option. I put it on open, and then my CoD NAT has been open since.
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User Info: Deeds_

5 years ago#5
Try having your Wii U as close to your router as possible, that should help.
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User Info: digiblaster

5 years ago#6
Alright, it's started causing problems now, taking a lot longer to find a game than usual. Since I'm basically using my laptop as a router, I don't have the option of changing the NAT type. And the Wii U is literally inches away from my laptop on my desk, so distance can't be an issue.

Is there anything you can do on the Wii U itself to change it?

User Info: digiblaster

5 years ago#7
Ok, I managed to get it to Open (though I don't know what I did). I still seem to be having connection issues though - five or more times a game I get the 'Connection Interrupted' thing show up (and usually causes me to die). I'd have to assume it's just my bad internet, but is there a possibility it's a poor connection to the host rather than my own fault?

User Info: coreyerb

5 years ago#8
The main issue strict causes is disconnects, which sounds like what's happening to you. That usually goes away with moderate and open. In your laptop/router's interface is there an option for DMZ or port forwarding?
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