I'm looking for good players!

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User Info: JustinBigN

4 years ago#1
Hey guys! Lately I've been having trouble finding quality players to team up with. Because I have a lot of COD experience it's difficult to play with childish noobs who don't know what their doing. I'm getting a new headset this week (after I broke my last pair by stepping on it. Haha) so I'm looking to team up for some other good players. I enjoy practically any game type so that isn't an issue. I have a 1.97 kill death ratio and will do anything to win. I'm also open to joining any clans.

Hit me up on here or send a friend request.
My NNID: JustinLeonard

User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#2
I'd suggest looking elsewhere.
Monster Hunter Tri is one of the best Capcom games of this generation.
Of course, that's not saying much.

User Info: drhockey

4 years ago#3
Yeah, nothing to see here but people who moan about lag and Hardpoint
Wii U - Mr.Wonderful
360 - Rainb0w Express

User Info: JLew1415

4 years ago#4
When are you on? I'm not a "good" player (sadly I seem to have peaked in MWR, though I could hold my own in BO, never really found my groove in MW3, and now sadly I'm below 1 K/D- though my W/L is at ~1.5. I blame lag, mostly.....

Anyway send request- I play nights PST if that works.
Wii U: JLew1415

User Info: CerealWithMilk

4 years ago#5
well i dont have the sytem nor the game just yet but i should get the system tomorrow and the game on thursday (my payday) not the best but welling to co-operate when told some thing..... and like to with
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