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User Info: Diogladius

4 years ago#1
Do a lot of people play this on Wii U ? I'm picking up a Wii U tomorrow and a few games this might be one of them.

User Info: Pineconn

4 years ago#2
It ranges from 1,500 to 4,100, so you be the judge.
NNID: Pineconn

User Info: Diogladius

4 years ago#3
Well is it hard to get a match if not idc. Smaller crowd isn't always a bad thing.

User Info: Jaime_Benn

4 years ago#4
ways find a match of TDM and domination. Other match types can be found around late afternoon too, I guess.
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User Info: vcough

4 years ago#5
Small but never a lack of games and the community is friendly and awesome. I personally like a small community where you learn to recognize people and their playstyles. I like it a lot.
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User Info: JLew1415

4 years ago#6
Well I'm here, so that's good...

Small community so lag maybe a problem depending on when you play, your internet connection, ect.

You won't get all game modes all the time, but Domination and TDM are usually a go, then Demo, SnD, CTF, Hardpoint, KC, I have never seen a HC lobby.

I'd say get it, despite it's problems (on the Wii U and on all systems) it's fun. Just try not to take it too seriously.
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User Info: drhockey

4 years ago#7
If you're fine playing TDM and DOM, then worry not.
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User Info: DerPancake

4 years ago#8
Smaller community which means:

No League play: Which means if your teammates will ruin fun matches.
Harder to find games
More Lag
Less Support by Treyarch.
WiiU ID: GermanicMexican

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