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User Info: Cubfan082

4 years ago#1

1) CC clan is just horrendous, LOL, confirming what we know is true with out Hax they were never any good.

2) Ink uses the same ISP as Mr Wonderful, cause they pull consistent 2 and 3 yellow bars on everyone when partied, and call it skillz....

Ink has good players. I can not often compete with them when they are partied, when they are solo they are the ones typically Rage Quitting the games (party invites I am sure). When you have lag advantage and team mates earning you VSATS the game is unbeleivablly easy.

People don't leave your games because they are afraid of your VTOL or Dogs or Swarms. They leave your games because your lag sheild makes it near impossible to win straight up draws before you get to that point.

Kudos to CC for taking their lumps, they got cranked and earn their strength and honor medal.

Boo for Ink equating skill to the fact that you can't update your packets like anyone who has modern broadband.

If any Ink players are here or see this, no disrespect is meant other than the constant confusion of why you are always winning straight up draws, always. It isn't entirely that your competition is bad as you think they are and you are that much better, it is a combination of you being well above average and them not seeing you when you see them. It is obvious in this video when he kills the player on the stairs, both from the up and down side near A flag, and in the weight room and the garage. They don't even move/react becuase to them you are not there...

Can you post a list of where your players come out out? East Coast, West Coast, Canada? Midwest?

I have never seen a single one of you pull a green bar in a party. In solo RTDMS you have, and those are often the games you return the favor of leaving. Everyone RQs, it isn't just your opposition.

No one who plays this game wants to get BSd by latency, for every player who leaves because they don't want to stand up to your dogs and swarms, there are two or more who have realized that they could set up to outplay you in stragiht up draws, but you have 0.5 seconds or more head start as was shown in the weight room by the camper looking right at you and never firing a weapon as you squared him up, drop shotted and finally killed him after standing in the door for a moment or two...

...I can't compete against you in party, so I don't even allow the game to go to lobby, I just find a different one. I choose not to play not because you are better than me(which you often are), but becuase I have to predict where you "could" be and start firing before I get to where you "actually" are, that is not a game I wish to play and is not what measures quality of competition. But we all know you see it differently...you should win because the lag comp is strong with you and you are often better, that is what more often than not creates the blowouts you witness in party games...

...you would likely still win, but you wouldn't see your best competition being 8 - 25 at most.

....and also cause CC suxors without hax...
Did you really just instruct someone to search the Internet for the truth?
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User Info: Shiranui777

4 years ago#2
clans...are good? news to me

1 in 300 actually stay a full game without being negative
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User Info: BirdPwNz100

4 years ago#3
Pitbull went 7-35 legit. Nuff said. LOL
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User Info: BirdPwNz100

4 years ago#4
PSN: oBirdPwNz-

User Info: DerPancake

4 years ago#5

Even with a crappy team, he stays till the end with a good score and captures.
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