just got this game today,and my last COD was the first MW. Any tips?

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  3. just got this game today,and my last COD was the first MW. Any tips?

User Info: EmptyTome

4 years ago#1
I may be rusty when it comes to fps to be honest (I lost interest on them after...the first MW). Now that a friend gaVe me this game, I decided to give it a try. Any tips or information I should know before starting?

And if you want to add me, I will post here my number when I get home.
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User Info: Machine1136

4 years ago#2
Black Hats on every loadout, because they are OP'd beyond belief. You really don't even need a primary.
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User Info: kuragari1anonly

4 years ago#3
Combat training/custom games to learn the maps.
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User Info: DoomsSD

4 years ago#4
Oh, I'd definitely recommend spending some quality time in Combat Training/Local VS Bots. Especially if you use the Wii Mote. Takes a while to get that thing just how you want.
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User Info: EmptyTome

4 years ago#5
Thanks guys. Talking about controls, which method do you use? Gamepad? Wiimote? Pro?
"Are you sad?" "yeah" "Wanna scream?"
-Best RPG line ever.

User Info: advancewarsnut

4 years ago#6
Gamepad has aimbot aim assist so pick that up if you don't want to have to put effort into being good in firefights.

Wiimote is harder to learn at first and requires a lot of time to be spent customizing all the various nuances of deadzones and sensitivities and whatnot, but once you get everything dialed in it's really fun to play with and is still usable despite the Gamepad's aimbot aim assist.

As far as actual gameplay goes...

--Spend some time in Local or Custom Games to get used to the maps. Fight bots on Regular and once those get too easy, move up to Hardened. If you can consistently go positive against Hardened bots then you shouldn't do too badly in regular multiplayer.
--Test out different classes and Wildcards and see what you enjoy, and plan to incorporate those in multiplayer once you level up enough.
--Do the camo challenges. No, seriously, even if you despise gold camos, the bonus XP you get from doing them is great. Simply going from your last camo to gold gives you 5000 for the gold camo, 5000 and a calling card for finishing all camos on the weapon in question, plus all of the other XP bonuses from the other camos.
--When your weapon reaches the max level, prestige it. You'll get more bonus XP for leveling it again, plus an extra 5000 for hitting the max level at weapon prestige 2. Getting that AND the gold camo is worth ANOTHER 10,000 XP. All this is PER WEAPON, BTW, and with 10k XP challenges being so rare in this game, every little bit helps.
--EMP Grenades are great. Use them.
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User Info: Jaime_Benn

4 years ago#7
Engineer + EMP grenades to spot the campers' nest. There will be campers...

Lots and lots of them on regular team deathmatch (RTDM)

Don't feel too bad going like 4 and 20. I did when I first started out since this is my first CoD.
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User Info: saduff

4 years ago#8
Im fairly new too. BLACK HATS and Engineer Perk. Anything else doesn't matter. I prefer the Antinrocket as well for secondary. IGLA?
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  3. just got this game today,and my last COD was the first MW. Any tips?

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