Tips for sniper bloodthirsties?

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User Info: chili999

4 years ago#11
When i try for bloobthirsties i cant seem to get any, but when i finish the challenges i get them like crazy xD
I like to run unsilenced with ex-mags and laser/Ballistic-cpu/fmj
I am more used to run n' gun with any weapons, remember hardscope/quickscope when you need to
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User Info: necro3227

4 years ago#12
Gareth_HTAFC posted...
Most frustrating challenge ever...

Can't believe you need 10 of these f****** as well. Whilst the Domination suggestion sounds sensible, I just spent the last half an hour being killed by nothing other than silenced SMGs. Where are maps like Crossfire and Overgrown when you need them.

But at least in Domination you know where the enemies spawn and where they're heading. The first 2min of a Domination match are CRUTIAL for getting bloodthirsties, trust me I know what I'm saying. Let's look at an example:

-Standoff, core domination.

You spawn at A, and you skip catching it and head up to the building sniper spot. From there, you can see point B, the allyway and the enemy sniping point.

This is where you're deadly (given that you're in a room with no good snipers). From experience, people ALWAYS go through the ally-way, so hardscope around that area, but keep checking the enemy sniping area too, because there are a lot of people that tend to go there from C, since its the closest sniping point to get to.

If you do this, you can get about 3-4 kills within the first minute, all you need to do is pay attention to any flankers that go to sniper spots, that's why I lay down some shock-charges and jump out the window if I hear it going off, then I head to my other sniping spot.

Be warned that this is if everything goes to plan, many times I've been out-sniped by good snipers, killed by a quick RPG, been flanked very quickly and killed by a cheap-LMG TG noob.

Good luck, diamond snipers took me the longest so far (I have all shotguns, specials, pistols, launchers and now snipers)

(^ having said that, if you think getting blood thirsty with a sniper is hard, try getting 5 with a combat knife and one with a crossbow, ha)

User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#13
Yeah, those blood thirsties are hard as hell. I think silencers for the DSR, ballista, and XPR are worth it. You hardly get any damage drop offs with them.

With SVU-AS though.. Try it and sees if it benefits you, but right now, it loses its OSOK to the head. Not a huge fan of it, but its good against enemies that aren't engaging in a fire fight with you. I personally think counter uavs and no silencer is better for SVU-AS. I use it with ACOG, or variable zoom and smoke grenades.
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User Info: InfamouslyNyce

4 years ago#14
This isn't an easy challenge for one. I shoot loud, no silencer. I also don't camp.

First, my movement is around the perimeter of the map, I avoid the center. I only stop for a few seconds with each line I see. If nobody is there, I move to the next. Also, don't chase people for a kill.

Keep a claymore handy, scavenger helps. Dexterity isn't necessary but helps with verticality. Use drop shots, it works more than it fails.

I have the gold DSR, the other snipers are kinda meh imo.
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