Ghosts has more skilled players.

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User Info: Cubfan082

3 years ago#11
BrownsM1 posted...
Cubfan082 posted...
For ghosts Search and Rescue is viable and the maps actually allow a plant, not like in BO2 where it was a rush to kill everyone before you even got a chance to plant anything.

except nobody plants the bomb in either game unless they're trying to do a stupid trickshot lobby and they plant it to add time to the clock.

MWR and probably the first four months of Black Ops were the only times people actually played the objective and planted the bomb. now all anyone does is go for kills or stupid trickshots.

Not with Search and Rescue. I see no less than 50% plants or defuses. It is rare the thing gets a chance to detonate, but it most def gets planted.

I think I planted one bomb in BO2, there was very few oppurtunities to move around those maps and get a plant, you were forced into combat and had to fight, and with quick scoping and other BS.

That game didn't give the option to speed plant, you would run balls out to the plant sight, and the enemy ether beat your there or met you there. The only map that some what frequently got a plant on was Turbine, because people got over extended. The rest of the maps fuggetaboutit...
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User Info: like2nap

3 years ago#12
leiterf posted...
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Guns all feel the same? Da hell?

Can't take you serious anymore

smg, lmg, short or long range makes no difference.

shotgun, short range and have a longer than normal kill range.

the point is, whatever gun you choose, you can use the same tactics and routes, in ghosts you cant.

So true.

User Info: QualiT

3 years ago#13
The MTAR is a 4 shot kill at all ranges, so whether you camp with it, or rush with it, it's still usable in every situation. It even outclasses most Ars by shooting faster than them (AK12), or only needing 4 shots at long ranges (SC2010, HBadger, ARX).

The Ars are exactly the same, Stalker allows you the ability to play defensively, or offensively if you choose a gun with a higher RoF (Eg Honey Badger, FAD).

The LMGs you can so whatever with as well. The LSATs High RoF (and 3 shot kill) allows you to win close range and long range gunfights easily, the Ameli is a 2 shot up close and only 4 at a distance, and the M27 just shreds wherever.

The only guns you can't really do that well with at all ranges are the Bizon/CBJ, a few pistols and the ARX, since they all drop to 6 kills and have poor recoil outside close range.

So even in Ghosts, you can play with pretty much whatever gun you want and still do well.
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