Your Dream Warriors Orochi Team (any game/movie/comic/etc. allowed)

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User Info: lonedarkness

4 years ago#1
Like the title says, this is the place to post your ideal Warriors Orochi team; even if that would mean characters that are not owned by Koei/Tecmo, or in any way related to the Warriors franchise.
Only the character names (and possibly their source material), need to be posted; but if you have an idea of how they would play or what they would say, post that too. Even if you only have part of that info (ie: a single attack, or a pair of good quotes with nothing else) post what you have.

As an example, my team:

1) The Incredible Hulk. Power-Type. "One big attack"-style Musou.

C2: Hulk stomps on the ground with his left foot, launching all enemies within a very short distance of him into the air.
C4: Hulk leaps forward a short distance and lands on both his arms. This creates a small tremor around where he hits the ground.
C5: Hulk grabs a single enemy with his right hand and spins around twice before hurling them forward. Does damage to the thrown target, enemies close enough to be hit by the spin, and any enemies who are hit by the thrown individual.
Special: Hulk roars in an anguished fashion. He then begins to emit a bright green glow for a time. During this time, his attack, speed, and defense are all increased.
Musou: Hulk jumps forward, grabs a single enemy, and leaps into the air, before slamming this enemy into the ground. He then pounds on his prone foe ground several times, creating a localized earthquake that damages everyone in a radius around him. His True Musou adds a final hit where he forces his arms into the ground and then rips out of it, causing large chunks of the ground to rise up in the same radius as the other hits.

Added to Team: "Hulk is strongest there is!"
Switched In: "Hulk stop you!"
Start of True Musou: "Hulk is not afraid!"
Certain charge attacks: "Smash!"
Victory: "No one stop Hulk!"

2) Ashley J. Williams (The Evil Dead). Wonder-Type. "Invincible combo"-Style Musou.
C4: Ash spins in place with his chainsaw pointing outwards.
C5: Ash fires his shotgun twice. Once to his forward-left, and once to his forward-right. Each shot does damage to whatever enemies are within a short distance of Ash, rather than being actual projectiles. Any enemy directly in front of Ash will be hit twice.
C6: Ash impales a single target on his chainsaw and lifts them off the ground. He then shoots them with a single shotgun blast, flinging them away.
Musou: A series of swipes with his chainsaw that bring him forward and to alternate sides (ie: forward-left, forward-right, forward-left, etc.). His True Musou adds an attack at the end, where he runs to an opponent, and leaps on their chest, bringing them to the ground before shooting them in the face with his shotgun three times."
Added to Team: "Good, bad...I'm the guy with the gun."
Switched In: "Groovy."
Defeated an Officer: " Thank you for shopping at Ass-Whoopings Are Us."
Approaching a strong enemy: "I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."
Final hit of True Musou: " my boomstick!"
Victory: "Hail to the king, baby."

3) Predator (Predator films). Technique-Type.
Special: Predator presses a button on his arm console, and becomes temporarily invisible. Enemies have a 1-in-3 chance of noticing him if he does not attack.
C1: He presses a sequence of buttons on his arm console, before emitting an explosion. The explosion flings Predator away, and damages him, but does significantly more damage to enemies hit by the blast.
C3: Predator lunges forward with his arm blades extended. Any enemy he hits during this move is stunned.
Air Charge: He fires a shot from his plasma caster at a downwards angle.
Everybody go here:

User Info: hizelshustat99

4 years ago#2
1. Lt. Jimmy Patterson from Medal of Honor
2. Alan Dunaway from Time Crisis 3
3. Agent 9 from Spyro

agents deluxe.

User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#3
I don't know much about the "types" yet, but thinking for a bit on characters I'd might like:

Mara Jade (Star Wars)
Jareth (Labyrinth) I'm thinking of Viola from Soul Calibur V in terms of attacks
Gambit (X-Men)

Not a dream team, but characters I think would be interesting to see.
Gordon Ramsay, the Mr Resetti of cooking

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#4
Sparda (DMC)
Piccolo (DBZ)
Firebrand (UMvC3)
Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he's not even allowed to practice the law of gravity. - Kotomo

User Info: Artic_Kaze

4 years ago#5
Mai Shiranui - King of Fighters
Sakura - Street Fighter
My main Hero from City of Heroes

I think we would be an awesome team!
If you decide to be a wall that's standing in my way, then I have something that will open a hole in you everytime -
Gurren Lagann

User Info: wafflemyroffle

4 years ago#6
Asura - Asura's Wrath
Tokugawa Yosheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetora - Samurai Shodown 6
Jotaro Kujo

User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#7
(Death Note Manga)
Uses Claws, Fists & Apples as weapons, after running for a short time Ryuk can glide.
Musou Attack is using his Death Note.
Speed or Wonder Type.
Light / L or Misa will appear in his special attack to raise his Atk/Def or Speed temporarly.
Alt colour is green & red to signify his love for human apples.

Matthew Bellamy
(UK Rock Band Muse)
Uses Guitar as his weapon.
Musou Attack is Matt playing the godly riffs from Citizen Erased.
Wonder or Tech Type.
Dom Howard or Chris Wolstenholme will appear in his special to take out some enemies.
Alt colour is black jacket. Defult is his famous red jacket (it was also in Guitar Hero 5)

Crash Bandicoot
(Self Titled)
Spins, Slides and bazzuka's his foe's.
Musou Attack is Aku Aku making crash invincible and hurt enemies just by touching them.
Speed Type
In his special attack he will through TNT's at his foe's.
Alt costume is Fake Crash.

User Info: MEFreak1984

4 years ago#8
Heroes Team

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect
Siegfried from Soul Calibur
Connor from Assassin's Creed 3

Villains Team

Saren from Mass Effect
Nightmare from Soul Calibur
Vaas from Far Cry 3
XBOX Live Gamertag: FangBanga84
"Diggin Minecraft Style"
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