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User Info: Darkwinger13

4 years ago#1
U think kecleon is a bad a..? i took on five at level 27. first i used pure seed. then i found 5 at the door then i used team attack.and they all ran away. all of them gone off the map. then i took the stairs but thing is the team attack killed my team. wtf?! none of them died by kecleon when i left.

User Info: Pikachu3901

4 years ago#2
If you want to Defeat Him, follow my instructions. The materials are: Several Warp seeds or 1 Spurn orb, 1 Pure seed, 1 Defeated game(You must have gone trough endgame), 2 Pokemon (Preferably strong ones) 1 Escape orb (To hit and run).

First, you find one of his shops. Take note where it is. Then go find the stairs. Once you find it, Take control of one pokemon in your party then place it on the stairs. DO NOT ADVANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. switch back to your other pokemon and go back to the shop. Take all the stuff you want and exit. Of course, Kecleon will sound the alarm. Eat the pure seed and you know what will happen. Then Switch to your other pokemon and move it off the stairs. If Kecleon spawns in the cave thing you are in, use a spurn orb or warp seed. Switch back and go up the stairs. If all you wanted to do is Hit-and-run, use your escape orb. otherwise, go through the dungeon normally. Try for two?

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