2D sprites vs 3D models poll

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User Info: cleanchris

5 years ago#1
do you prefer sprites or 3D models in your PMD games? - Results (108 votes)
2D sprites
12.04% (13 votes)
3D models
28.7% (31 votes)
I like both
47.22% (51 votes)
I like both, but wish the handheld PMD games stuck w/sprites
12.04% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: Rook_the_Ranger

5 years ago#2
I prefer 2D sprites over ugly 3D polygons (like the Nintendo 64), but I'll take quality 3D models over 2D sprites any day.

User Info: Polimario

5 years ago#3
I like both.

IMO, some games have a better feel with sprites, while others work better with models.
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User Info: YlFF

5 years ago#4
Definitely sprites, but I guess I don't mind the polygon models on 3DS since they make a better looking 3D effect than sprites would.
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User Info: Second_Chances

5 years ago#5
It depends on the game, but in the case of PMD the 3D models are much better.

The old sprites really, really just weren't good.

User Info: Plasmashedgehog

5 years ago#6
as long as they fit all the pokemon in this, i'll like both.
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

5 years ago#7
I don't care about either, as long as I can play as an Ampharos.

No point in being happy about how something is represented if it isn't even in the game.
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