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So I just finished the Demogenandnic35/20/2013
Why couldnt any of the recruited pokemon stay behind*spoilers*ShadowsFlite45/20/2013
Can someone tell what music tracks come with each DLC?pikachupwnage55/20/2013
Quick question about two pokemon (some spoilers, I guess)DarkCoffe6425/20/2013
Weirdest pokemon youve had to save from a small weak dungeon?ShadowsFlite95/20/2013
Absol in this game?CloudStrife66535/20/2013
A little ways in and could use some adviceCelesEsperIce325/19/2013
Does anyone know a (somewhat) consistent way to get joy seeds?OdieUchiha45/19/2013
Are some materials more rare than others?AIvinn25/19/2013
This game is the only game where I actually notice its in 3dShadowsFlite15/19/2013
If there were special episodes in this game like in Sky... (Spoilers)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
How am I supposed to hold my 3DS during the Sunken Treasure mini-game?FierceDeity102645/18/2013
seriously, the gold limit is 9999? i mean stuff are so expensive in the gameRealTides65/18/2013
I lost it when... (Minor Spoilers, Early Game)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Do normal attacks get stronger?DarkCoffe6435/18/2013
TM Locations?froggylover6645/18/2013
Anyone else only like using the first evolutions in this game?ShadowsFlite25/18/2013
What gives the most exp in this game early on to grind?(spoilers)ShadowsFlite55/17/2013
Will there always be new board requests? Or can you eventually complete them allShadowsFlite25/17/2013
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