Soulreaper farming?

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User Info: haykalgundamn

3 years ago#1
i've been farming soulreaper searching for its golden reaper, but every damn mission they just provided with only 1-2 spawn soulreaper from beating sickleclaw out then in the area...

what's the offline/online mission that spawns many soulreaper?

btw i'm still on chapter 4

User Info: Gamemaster64

3 years ago#2
The mission for killing them one room usually spawn one after killing the originals in said room.

Anyway Phase 2 :Defensive Mission-War. I think it was guaranteed to spawn two and one blitzer(should have a mitama too)
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User Info: haykalgundamn

3 years ago#3
yeah, i know, i've been doing that mission 20+ times both offline/online, and still no sign of golden reaper...

is there any specific mission that it's crawling with soulreaper but the goal of that mission to kill other monster except sickleclaw?

User Info: haykalgundamn

3 years ago#4

golden reaper is so hard to get....

User Info: BenignSeraph

3 years ago#5
Got my Golden Reaper on the second try.

Kill the first 2 Sickleclaws and go to the next room. Kill the one there. Go to the next room and kill one more. Then go back a screen and the Soulreaper is usually waiting for me.

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