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User Info: Cbsilence

4 years ago#71
Well. After taking an extended leave of the boards here, I'm glad to see nothing has changed.

As for the boxart, probably up there as my favorite of the series so far. I like things that are vibrant and full of color, and that's exactly what this boxart is.

I wonder if there's going to be any promotional posters for this, and if I'll like them as much as I do the boxart.
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User Info: kinode

4 years ago#72
I like to think he wasn't even being serious when he said that

User Info: ChaosHeroSMT44

4 years ago#73
DawnAgent posted...

I got a website just for you:

Notice the topic about the woman who murdered her kid and got released from jail just because she "regained" her sanity. And women do not enjoy privilege? Get real. No man would ever get away after murdering his own kid like how a woman does.

If you think for one second that I'm going to click a single one of your goddamn biased links, you're even more touched in the head than I thought.

You really don't get it.
Women have been treated terribly for years. Like objects. To this day, I've seen cars get better care than women.
Just because one person got away with killing her kid or whatever because of "rehabilitation", has nothing to do with her being a female. At the very least, one example does not a sound scientific hypothesis make.
Here's an idea, why don't YOU go out and kill a kid, then see if you can get off on rehabilitation.
Either you get off scott free, effectively disproving your own argument, or you rot for life in jail, becoming the bride of a large man with several face tattoos. It's a win-win for us.

And since we're giving examples...
In my life, I have known four different women who have been sexually assaulted.
I also know every painful detail of one of these stories, as that friend shared them with me some time ago. Every sick, disturbing detail of the brutality. Don't sit here and throw articles at me, trying to tell me that women are the problem, because for every one generic example you provide, I seem to have at least two personal ones.
If you're seeing this, I'm about to unleash hell.

User Info: lulzace

4 years ago#74
DawnAgent posted...
KMAnsem posted...
I remember the first time I met Hunter.

He was bashing Kairi, calling her spineless, useless, weak, and a burden to the other characters in the series. I countered, saying that, sure, she can't fight, but she's still brave and important. Fighting strength alone isn't the full measure of a character, I said.

Those were the days, weren't they? When these discussions were still about relevant things like characters and plot points? Things we could pick apart and debate and actually have a conservation about?

Over the years, you could actually watch his evolution from "hating some female characters" to "hating all female characters" to "hating females" to "clearly vomiting on himself out of sheer, unbearable rage every time females are even vaguely mentioned." Time will only tell where evolution will take him next...and if he can even still be called human by the time he gets there.

Hmph! Bravery without any actual power or ability to take action and fight is worthless. Its why I'm not fond of Idiot Shounen Hero charges towards CLEARLY superior villain who WILL without a doubt kick his ass and the hero conveniently is saved by someone or something from the brutal thrashing he deserves or hell the death sentence he is begging for when he challenges someone just that much more powerful than he is. I never liked that "useless but has a strong will" trope.

And I think I've made myself very clear what I think about the male sex that chivalrist in nature towards females. I see no difference between Obama and Romney. They're both white knights.

That which initiates change is not power, it is not wealth, nor strength, but bravery. If you hide all your life because you have no power rather than acting despite it then you truly are weak.
Shapesnatch OTK
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(message deleted)

User Info: MM125

4 years ago#76
kinode posted...
I like to think he wasn't even being serious when he said that

This guy's kept his misogynistic shtick going for years. Either he's a troll among trolls, or he genuinely believes every word he says.

And I'm not sure which is worse.
Oooh, MM, he be tryin' you, dawg. He be tryin' you. Best mind you biiiiiiiz-ness. ~KMA
*triple z snap* ~AluminumTicket
(message deleted)

User Info: Nexzon

4 years ago#78
DawnAgent posted...
KMAnsem posted...
From: DawnAgent | #067
And women do not enjoy privilege?

They do. Sometimes. In some very limited ways and very limited contexts. But we men live in privilege. To make an analogy, we're like nobles who have no idea what it's like to be poor because they've never had to budget a day in their lives. We don't ever have to deal with half the s*** women deal with on a daily basis.

You keep talking about work, for example. How men have to slave away to support themselves and their families. What about the women who make 70 cents on the dollar for doing the exact same job exactly as well? Hell, and that's only the white women. Black women make more like 60 cents on the dollar, and Hispanic women make more like 55. On average, they have to work so much longer and so much harder just to enjoy the same opportunities we do. And that's not even getting into how hard it is for women to get hired to begin with, or to get promotions.

What privilege do we enjoy? No one cares about you if you are male. Notice how male sporting events like the NFL wear PINK uniforms to advertise breast cancer? If its a male event how come these male athletes don't advertise for prostate or testicular cancer? Oh that's right men don't care about other men. Or how the majority of homeless are men and how the majority of groups helping out homeless are for women only.

Hell the criminal Debra La Fave got away from rotting in jail because the judge said "she's just too pretty for jail." Disgusting. We need a new rule for female criminals, the hotter she is and the more men want to have sex with her, then the more years she sits behind bars for her crime. It seems fair.

And the wage gap has been debunked so many times its not even funny. Let me ask you, if women earn 70 cents on the dollar as you claim, then how come we don't see millions of more unemployed men as a result? If its legal to treat women this way, then employers would do everything in their power to get rid of the men and save money by hiring women. And women do not work longer than men. Women retire earlier than men do. As far as women getting hired, that's why they have Affirmative Action, something that benefits women only.

No don't I buy this at all. Next thing you're going to tell me is that prenups are respected by judges in divorce court, right? Check this vid out BTW, Barbarosssa is one of the most rational individuals who speaks out against women's privilege, white knights/manginas, and feminism:

And you wonder why OT hates you.
Bandwagon sheeps

User Info: KMAnsem

4 years ago#79
From: DawnAgent | #075
What privilege do we enjoy?

I'm an educated, middle-class American white male in his twenties. I pretty much have all the privileges
"I once got a spam email entitled 'SIX STEPS TO A GREAT CAREER.' I was really disappointed when it wasn't an ad for revolvers." - todaystomsawyer

User Info: MM125

4 years ago#80
So has he been here a while? Or do I just time my visits to the KH boards poorly?
Oooh, MM, he be tryin' you, dawg. He be tryin' you. Best mind you biiiiiiiz-ness. ~KMA
*triple z snap* ~AluminumTicket
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