I would have preferred waiting another year so they could include a Days remake.

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  3. I would have preferred waiting another year so they could include a Days remake.

User Info: Oblivon

4 years ago#11
I wouldn't. The game kinda sucks.
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User Info: RhetoricalDream

4 years ago#12
bakkahentai8600 posted...
I don't see the point in remaking Days. Almost the entire game is filler and not normal filler (like the other games but literally just repitious sequences added to "buff" the game up.

At least Chain of Memories had signs in the worlds to emphasize Sora's memory loss and how lonely Riku's actions made him.

Agreed. I think Days is best suited for movie form with all the repetitive filler (way-too-long tutorial, non-fulfilling samey missions, countless ice-cream eating cutscenes) removed. The game just plodded along for extended stretches of time because the interesting parts were far too spaced out. I think the developers were so focused on the characters that they forgot to make the game part fun.

User Info: spiderfreak1011

4 years ago#13
Really all i want is to be able to play KH(Normal version or FM, i don't care that much, but if i really had to choose, i would do FM with english text the whole game i dont care if the voices are japanese as long as i can read what the items and commands are) and Re:Com due to my PS3 not being able to play PS2 games(even with the PS2 save data) and when i heard about the 1.5 Remix, it was like a god sign to me, especially now that we have some confirmation that it might come out in the US.

User Info: WhataRecch

4 years ago#14
I would have HATED if they did that. The one thing I'm looking forward to is KH1FM in HD. The rest are pleasant additions. The Days film seems interesting. The gameplay of that game was complete and utter schlock.

User Info: Winners_Proof

4 years ago#15
Unless they fixed all of Days' gameplay issues/structure then I'm perfectly fine with it this way.
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User Info: vgsrule

4 years ago#16
I'm fine with it being released as is, but if there was a yearly delay in order to make a completely remade Days, I think I would prefer that.

I actually really enjoyed Days. It's my third favorite in the series.

I would be fine if a remade Days was released on it's own for PS3. Maybe paired with Re:Coded or 3D.

User Info: ThirdAwakening

4 years ago#17
I wouldn't be okay with waiting another year just for Days, I'd rather they spent that year on more Kingdom Hearts HD like KH2, and BBS.

User Info: ljobenza

4 years ago#18
Nah. Days had the worst battle system in the series and the gameplay is just repetitive missions over and over again.

User Info: HellsController

4 years ago#19
Personally I just want toplay KH1. Never played the other games and don't care. As far as I see it, the other games that come with it are a bonus to the game I wanna actually play.
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  2. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
  3. I would have preferred waiting another year so they could include a Days remake.

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