Final Mix missables?

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User Info: FF_Fiend

4 years ago#1
I've played both of these games in their "vanilla" forms, but never before in Final Mix. Are missables any different than the originals? Is there a comprehensive guide somewhere of the final mix missables? I've searched and googled to no avail - other than going through an entire faq/walkthrough for the game. I just want the missable cliffnotes, so to speak.
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User Info: ezio899

4 years ago#2
never heard of missables in any KH game

User Info: Santaeid

4 years ago#3
I believe there are some extra ansem reports. Otherwise the main difference is new moves, enemies and cutscenes and the Unknown boss fight.

User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#4
They got rid of the missable trinity from KH1, so that is no longer a concern.
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User Info: FF_Fiend

4 years ago#5
Joke? There are plenty of missables. Granted, some are as meager as bonus cutscenes/dialogue. Like on the first island, naming your boat highwind is technically "missable" if you lose the footrace (if memory serves - its been a while).

There are a lot of missable chests. The actions to make the chests appear are missable. But once the chest appears, it remains and is no longer missable. The flames at the colloseum can't be put out once you upgrade to blizzaga, making firaga-G unattainable after the spell upgrades. And yes, there are multiple missable trinities. Goofy and Donald "miss" learning new moves when they level, if they're not currently in the party, and have that move delayed until they next level and are in the party. Those are just off the top of my head. Here's a guide:

All of these, are of course, in the original game - may or may not be in FM, which is what I'm trying to find out. Also, the guide goes a little over the top if you ask me. I don't consider hearing Tarzan shout "Goofy!" when he throws a healing item to be missable if you don't put Tarzan in your party. But interactions/cutscenes that bear more weight toward the story I might consider to be "missables".

So yeah, no unique items are missable - which is probably what you guys mean when you say there are no missables. But I'm a bit of an anal completionist and I sweat the small stuff. I won't restart my file if I fail to grab a potion from a chest or anything. But as I'm going to attempt a platinum trophy on both games, anything missable that would contribute to that would be appreciated.
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User Info: shadowfreak1101

4 years ago#6
Nothing unique is missable; of the chests that can be lost, they only contain restorative items (easily gotten from the Item Shop/Synthesis and enemy drops) and Gummis (bought from Cid), and the one missable major item (the Red Trinity in Halloween Town) was fixed. So getting a Platinum Trophy shouldn't be too bad in terms of completion.
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