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User Info: EliParker

3 years ago#21
super hotshot bowser posted...
EliParker posted...
CLupula posted...
EliParker posted...

DDD will not be included as it is a current Handheld gen game.

Being on the 3DS hasn't stopped Castlevania: Mirror of Fate and Resident Evil: Revelations from coming to PS3.

But I do agree that DDD will probably not be on 2.5. I think it will get it's own budget priced HD release in 2015, with KH3 coming in 2016.

SE isn't know for porting their handhelds to the consoles, and when they do have their games on the handheld it sells well. On the other hand I believe both MoF and RE:R sold below exceptions from their receptive publisher.

By that theory than that rules out BBS.

No it doesn't.

Both MoF and RE:R will be out just past a year before the console version cames out. BBS's lifespan on the handheld died after the release of the PS Vita.

If BBS gets released on KH2.5HD it wouldn't just be a quick port in order to boost sales, while both MoF and RE:R were quickly ported to the consoles in order to yield profit as both failed to create (a good) profit on the handhelds.
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User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#22
I would be fine with

KH2 Final Mix
Re:Coded Cutscenes or full game.

It would be great if somehow they got the Cutscenes at least for DDD in Remix 2.5, that way you could just get a PS3 and the 2 collections and get pretty much the whole KH experience.

User Info: IrishSpectre_N7

3 years ago#23
They could just include DDD as a full game if they wanted to, it's as polished as BbS. The reason Days wasn't included was because that game would need to be completely overhauled.

User Info: NettoSaito

3 years ago#24
We know it'll be coming out, but we don't know what it'll be. Chances are it'll be....

- Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix +
- Birth by Sleep Final Mix
- and either a movie version of Re: Coded, or another remake. I'm guessing the former though.

From the looks of it, Kingdom Hearts DDD will remain the only story on a handheld, unless they decide to include it with Kingdom Hearts 3. (They did say it is the intro to KH3. It's the game they used to lead the story up to the next main title, as well as the game they used to show off the new features KH3 would include.)
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

3 years ago#25
CLupula posted...
They've said ti would be a few years before KH3, so I imagine the schedule is:

2013 - 1.5 HD
2014 - 2.5 HD (with BBS, KH2, and Re:Coded)
2015 - DDD HD
2016 - KH3

This is a very likely scenario. Though I'd like to see DDD given a Final Mix when ported to PlayStation 3 (or 4).
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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

3 years ago#26
I'd rather Re:Coded get a full reremake. I've been watching Cyberman's playthrough, and the game looks fun (when it's not being gimmicky), but I can't imagine caring at all about a cutscene theatre for it.
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User Info: ShadowKing01

3 years ago#27
If DDD were to get a hd remake they either would have to make the analog sticks behave as mice do on a pc so you could interface with the dream eaters or completely overhaul the whole dream eater interaction mechanic. Not that I would mind though it was a pain in the ass opening all the hidden paths on the dream eater sphere grid thing, can't think of what it was called at the moment.
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User Info: ShadowKing01

3 years ago#28
However, I hope we get both BBS Final Mix and KH2 Final Mix, I do not need Re:Coded, overall that game was unneccessary, I am being honest here it took me months to finally beat it and the trophies at least for me were very diffcult to get just for the secret ending. The only plot revelevance came at the very end. And the normal and secret endings, trying to avoid spoilers here. If I had to choose between Recoded and Dream Drop Distance in the next HD collection I would rather it be Dream Drop Distance because it leads directly into Kingdom Hearts 3 and can help build up excitement for the game.
Awaiting: Zelda: Windwaker HD, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, Final Fantasy X amd X-2 HD

User Info: obscuritor

3 years ago#29
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User Info: Danger0187

3 years ago#30
I would absolutely love KH2 Final Mix+ and BBS Final Mix to be on 2.5. Those are 2 of the best games in the series. It's a bit of a stretch for re:coded to be remade as it was already a remake of a cell phone game when it came out. To be honest, it was probably the worst game in the series and had very little relevance to the overall story, so I would be happy if they just included a movie for it.

Dream Drop Distance has very little chance of showing up on 2.5. As other posters have stated, it will probably either continue to be a stand alone game on the 3ds or be made into its own HD re-release in 2015.

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