Least favorite world?

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User Info: FF_Fiend

3 years ago#1
Is there a world that you DREAD having to play through each time you go through KH1?

I'd choose Colloseum for its all out difficulty in some of the optional bosses. Yes, they're optional. But not to us completionists. That and I hate the fact that Hercules (one of my favorite Disney films) doesn't have a fleshed out world like the others. At least they kinda sorta remedied that in KH2.

For sheer tedium, I've got to go Tarzan's Deep Jungle. I'd forgotten just how boring that stage is. Go to camp. Go to treehouse. Go to camp. Go to treehouse. Go to camp. Go to treehouse. ENOUGH. Let me just beat the hell out of that shotty wielding noob Clayton and go to a planet that doesn't suck.
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User Info: benlyd

3 years ago#2
Monstro. Big time.
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User Info: FF_Fiend

3 years ago#3
benlyd posted...
Monstro. Big time.

Spoiler alert. Monstro is skippable. Well you have to go there, but you can leave and never look back if you dont care about everything you accomplish there.
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User Info: cloudstrife1ph

3 years ago#4
I always want to finish and get away from Agrabah and Monstro. Its mazy-ish design doesn't appeal to me.

User Info: zoofs

3 years ago#5
definitely deep jungle, im fine with every other place i think... haven't played it in a while lol

User Info: acetrain736

3 years ago#6
Atlantis. The maritime controls and combat always big me down...not looking forward to that part for the speedrun
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User Info: BuReIdEn_21

3 years ago#7
Deep Jungle and Monstro

User Info: Celuisar

3 years ago#8
Playing through Halloween town disgusts me, I don't know why I just don't like it.

User Info: zex_army

3 years ago#9
Deep Jungle. Gawd, that place sucks so bad.

User Info: ToastyAnakin

3 years ago#10

I HATE this level. I always couldn't wait to get past this crap for Deep Jungle or coliseum
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