so where are all the rare enemy locations?

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  3. so where are all the rare enemy locations?

User Info: the_great_tidus

4 years ago#1
i'm assuming you need to grind materials from them where are the locations.

User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#2
Pink Argarcius appears from the Mushrooms in Atlantica (not the ones in the sunken ship) and Deep Jungle Tree House cast stop on the white mushrooms to make it appear.

Grand Ghost appears in the throat of Monstro where you fought Paracite Cage.

Pot Scorpion is in front of the palace gates.

Chimera is at the Manor Ruins in Halloween Town.

The one invisible thing I forget the name of appear in the foyer of Hollow Bastion where Riku 1 is fought.

The fish I can't remember the name of appears on the ship's deck in Neverland.

The sniperwilds appear in second district's main area.

Neoshadows appear in Linked Worlds in EotW

Gigantic Shadows appear in Bizarre room in Wonderland.

Um I think that's all of them unless I forgot one which I might of.
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User Info: Whitevice

4 years ago#3
Wonderland Bizarre Room (Under the Table) = Giant Shadows
= Fury Stones

Traverse Town 2nd District = Sniperwilds
= Power Stones

Deep Jungle Bamboo Thicket = Black Ballade
= Lightning Stones

Deep Jungle Treehouse (inside) = Pink Agricus
= Serenity Power

Agrabah Palace Gates = Pot Scorpion
= Mythril Stones

Monstro Stomach = Giant Ghost
= Frost Stones

Halloween Town Oogie's Manor = Chimera
= Blazing Stones

Atlantica (uh.. some cave) = Pink Agricus
= Serenity Power

Neverland (Up on Deck) = Jet Balloon
= Dazzling Stones

Hollow Bastion (1st Visit) Entrance Hall = Stealth Soldier
= Energy Stones

Hollow Bastion (2nd Visit) (Outside the Keyhole) = Stealth Soldier
= Energy Stones

End of the Worlds (Before the Final Rest) = Neoshadows
= Shiny Stones

User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#4
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  3. so where are all the rare enemy locations?

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