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User Info: Chaos_St33l

4 years ago#1

User Info: Loixuj

4 years ago#2

My ratings go on how much fun I thought each game was. Days was my favorite because I loved the fact that it was four player and you had so many characters with so many different weapons to choose from. And three of my friends had it so I had such a blast with it.

Kingdom Hearts 2 was a lot of fun and I feel like they updated from number two really well. And if we get a 2.5 with a Final Mix 2, I'm going to love battling all of the Organization members.

I loved the first game and DDD equally. Both are a lot of fun and I couldn't choose which one I liked more. The first is is, of course, the original but DDD blew my mind with the Sora and Riku gameplay. And being able to ricochet off of everything was awesome.

BBS was a lot of fun and I loved how you had to play as all three characters to get the full story. That was legit. Every character had their own style too. It's only this far down on the list because all the other games were just a little more fun for me.

CoM was the first sequel and really exciting at first. And the first half of the Organization fights are really fun. But after getting 1.5 and just having finished Jiminy's Journal in the first game, I'm feeling kind of bleh about having to go through all of the same worlds again doing basically the same thing but now I'm weak again.

Coded was kind of cool because of the different styles of gameplay for each world, but you could tell that it was a game made for the phone. And I think the only reason that it was made into a DS game is because of Mickey finding out about Ventus' heart in the end.

User Info: noz3r0

4 years ago#3
KH2 > BBS > Re:Coded > KH > CoM > Days
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User Info: NonProfitParrot

4 years ago#4
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User Info: Shobu_Kirafuda

4 years ago#5

Never played DDD
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User Info: IrishSpectre_N7

4 years ago#6
KH2FM+ > BbS > KH2 = KHFM > KH > DDD > Days

Never played Coded or BbS Final Mix

User Info: SomeIronicName

4 years ago#7
I've only really ever played KH1 and KH2 all the way through, though I have played some of Days and CoM, it's just that I didn't find them engaging enough for me.

Personally, I actually like KH1 over KH2, for its superb RPG design.

The battle system is far more simplified in KH1, which is something I like more than most other factors in games. Its Magic and Summons are all very interesting and distinct, with good uses for each of them. And the item design is far more creative and eloquent in KH1. Also, the level design is really wonky and pretty unimaginative in KH2, though it is definitely far less confusing than KH1. I also found the collectables in KH1 far more rewarding and fun to obtain than KH2 had. In addition, KH2's gummi ship section was incredibly disconnected from the normal gameplay, which I found extremely disheartening (also, it was super boring for me, and hard to understand with everything that happened on the screen at once).

KH1 had a pretty cliche world choice (such as desert world, spooky world, water world, jungle world, hubtown world, etc.) but that's what made it feel more like a true video game. KH1 also had a better story from world to world, and the worlds felt far more connected than in KH2. KH2 had worlds that wear extremely disjointed story-wise, and none of the stories for its worlds were original enough to actually get me engaged too much. In KH2, it was as if you were playing through the movies, but instead of feeling the same sense of wonderment and adventure you felt from the movies, it just felt like you were going through a poorer rendition of what you already knew and loved and watching it slowly nosedive into a pool of boring water. KH1, even with its poorer-looking environments was more colorful IMO.

KH2 was not a terrible game though, I still loved it more than any of the handheld games that I actually took the time to sort of play. KH2 just had far better Action game elements, which is something I'm not as interested in. The Drive forms were really what made that game great for me, and the way the equipment was set up made for a better balance between beginning and end-game items, causing you to consider more than just the attack or magic ranks for each. But again, besides these things, it just lacked the metaphorical color that the first game had for me.

User Info: KOTRsss

4 years ago#8
KH1 tops the other in almost every regard except combat. Days and BBS are superior in that respect IMO.
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User Info: maxxxximum

4 years ago#9

Dream Eaters were crap. Flow Motion was crap. Dropping was crap.
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User Info: coreekymon

4 years ago#10

For me Kingdom Hearts 2 was just about perfect in every way, it's ranked 3rd among my all time favorite games.

I'm not sure if I like KH1 or BBS more, I know they are both great but I haven't played BBS for awhile. I have a feeling that if I get to play BBS on console when 2.5 comes out that BBS will get above KH1.

Dream Drop Distance was really good, but it still felt a bit like a side game. It just didn't feel like it was quite on the level of 1, 2 and BBS.

ReCoded and Days were both fun, but neither were really outstanding. I enjoyed the gameplay of Coded a bit more than days though.

I actually really like the story in CoM but I just find all the worlds to be really boring since the only variety to the rooms is which card you use.
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