Pick the staff, drop the sword or shield?

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  3. Pick the staff, drop the sword or shield?

User Info: xxnike629xx

4 years ago#1
What's actually the best choice to go for? I plan on playing on the Standard Difficulty and doing 100% on the Journal.
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User Info: jedimaster91

4 years ago#2
Drop sword. Dropping shield is asking for a lot of deaths and rage. Frankly it's more important early for you to be able to survive getting hit than it is for you to hit back. You can make up strength more easily than defense, IMO.
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User Info: KanexDD

4 years ago#3
I think the main difference is:
If you drop sword all your base stats are 3
If you drop shield your attack becomes 5 and defense becomes 1

For a standard play-through I would drop shield for the higher attack because it becomes quite easy to dodge/block after getting into the game-play and cure spell is pretty broken.

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User Info: shadowfreak1101

4 years ago#4
On Standard Final Mix, it doesn't matter as much, but I'd say drop the Sword. You'll probably be wanting that extra Defense for the beginning. The lack of Strength will be fairly apparent, but it can be countered with Magic use.
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User Info: xxnike629xx

4 years ago#5
So what are the differences? o_o

pick staff drop sword
pick staff drop shield

pick sword drop staff
pick sword drop shield

pick shield drop staff
pick shield drop sword
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User Info: ace_spades111

4 years ago#6
I don't know the exact differences off the top of my head.... but dude this is Gamefaqs... there is a faq on all the changes in final mix, which includes abilities and stats that come from choosing and dropping whatever it is you decide.

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User Info: Quantumpencil

4 years ago#7
+Staff, - Sword is the way to go unless you're doing a no damage playthrough.

you need that defense early on badly, otherwise the difficulty curve on proud will force you to magic spam and consume ethers like water to get past normal enemy groups.

Once sora gets some abilities, it matters much less.
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User Info: xxnike629xx

4 years ago#8
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User Info: X195

4 years ago#9
Since you're going for a standard playthrough, it doesn't matter much, really. But, objetively speaking, the best choice is +Staff -Sword.
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User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#10
Here are the differences...

First off + Sword - Shield (Arguably the hardest starting route)

+Sword -staff

+Shield -Sword

+Shield -Staff


+Staff -Sword (most balanced starting route)

+Staff -shield (tied with the +Sword -Shield Route for hardest/glass canon staring route)

As you can see the stat differences are minimal at best the only ones you will really be feeling are Defense, AP, and MP. Of these three Defense and AP you will feel the hardest. But the game will give you defense, AP, and strength ups pretty soon and that more or less eliminates the difference.

Each route will learn the same abilities but at different levels and all three routes have pros and cons. Sword you get a nice beginner route but your lacking in some prime magic and defense abiliites. Shield you get all the nice defense abilities and a good spread of attack abilities but the nicer magic abilities all come very later. Staff you get a nice selection of magic and attack abilities and a critical defensive ability or two but the majority of defensive abilities that are important come very late.So this all comes down to personal preference.

What you're really choosing comes in the long haul. Sword gets one extra item slot, Shield gets two extra item slots, and Staff gets two extra MP 1 at the start and one much later. When I say item I don't mean equipment i mean item as in potions or ether things. As for MP there is no way in game to raise it unlike strength, defense, and AP. So this means if you don't chose the staff you're permanently missing 2 MP you can't get in any other way.

While 2 MP doesn't sound like a lot the fact is strength, defense, and AP work in large numbers but MP works in bit sized numbers. So the difference of two MP is very apparent more so than 2 strength, defense, or AP especially around mid-game. Furthermore there is no magic stat in this game, everything about your magic is determined by your Max MP. Max MP dictates how powerful spells are, how much heal, how long they last, the power of your summons, the move Ragnarok's lasers, the move Trinity limit, and several combo finishers stun impact/ripple drive/gravity break.

Since your on standard though it doesn't really matter all three paths will work for you fine.
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