Mythril shard. HELP!

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User Info: Weedon10000

3 years ago#1
So i am playing the 1.5 hd remix of KH and iv been farming for synth items. I would like to know best place to farm mythril shards, i know about the place before final rest but i already went past it. Tried bambi in EOTW wonderland a bunch and still no luck. I know about pot spiders and barrel spider in agrabah as well as pot scorpion. But those methods are extremely slow. I need better results any feedback would be nice. THANKS!

User Info: ChrisOcean

3 years ago#2
i think you named all the methods. If EotW Wonderland isnt working then maybe it lacks the number of enemies? idk, might have to try another area with plenty of monsters in EotW

User Info: shadowfreak1101

3 years ago#3
Try EotW Halloween Town instead; it should have enough enemies, and unless it was changed from 1 to FM, the room also respawns even without Encounter Plus on when you go in and out of it.
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User Info: _Random___Name_

3 years ago#4
I happened to use deep jungle end of the world room for my bambi. 3 Thundagas collect, rinse and repeat. Its slow. There is nothing you can do about it.

User Info: Buretsu

3 years ago#5
I used Barrel Spiders in Monstro.
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User Info: Weedon10000

3 years ago#6
Ill try halloweentown EOTW but bambi never seems to drop any mythril shards. Im level 100 now so i have lucky strike with all three characters so that might make a difference.

User Info: Weedon10000

3 years ago#7
God farming was not as bad in the original KH1, i remember getting the ultima blade wasent as much of a hassel. Allthough i do like the new exp equipment. In the start i chose to level up faster after 50 and i had and exp braclet, earring, and one of the other ones. But yea i was at + 70% exp per mob. Level from 50 to 100 in 2 days....:O

User Info: LiskerFACE

3 years ago#8
1st of all your right, farming is harder in final mix, but its worth it a vary satisfying when you finally get it. My chosen method for farming shards is the pot scorpion in Agrabah ALONG with kill all pot spiders since they drop them as well. Didn't take but an hour or get all I needed.

2nd, did you make 2 topics about this?

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