What else do EDF fans play?

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User Info: Bugmeat

3 years ago#11
Titanfall is the only other game that I'm currently playing. It's fun for some quick online matches. I do however find it regrettable that they didn't take advantage of the awesome setting and give us a great story to play through in single player.

I've also noticed a tendency for matchmaking to stick a bunch of very experienced players on one team and bunch of new players on the other team.
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User Info: Majin_vegeta_

3 years ago#12
Well, since I have not seen anyone mention this ill throw it out there. I am really into the smash bros series but not in a casual way. I have been to a lot of tournaments and I am pretty close friends with Ken which is considered the king of smash. The reason I have not been posting lately or making EDF videos is because I actually went on a road trip to practice smash with him for a week and a half.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwLbqzyRQ7E Here is a live video from his stream that shows me and him practicing. As you can see he rips me to pieces lololol. But I beat him a few times at project M. Melee is a different story as I cant touch him.
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User Info: SubwooferKing

3 years ago#13
Third person games-ninja gaiden series (but 2 is my fav), all saints row games, max Payne series, gears series, a lot of action games. First person-battlefield 4(played all games except bf2142 and bf2 my comp sucked), counter strike, I LOVE all fear games except 3, crysis, far cry (2 and 1, 3 was overrated), I do like cod lol but it's getting terrible now I just want the next zombies...and more. Other-racing like midnight club la, full auto, need for speed, fighting-dead or alive series, Tekken 6, umvc3, mortal kombat, injustice. There's a lot more but that's an alright list
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User Info: Humanoid_Sharks

3 years ago#14
I'm a huge EDF fan. In fact, EDF 2025 saved me from throwing my 360 in a dumpster after playing [place most titles here] and getting pissed at the pathetic attempts to blanket terrible gameplay with terrible story lines. Somewhere along the line, gaming became a poor excuse for terrible writers/directors to vomit out their SyFy channel screenplays.

I digress. I play a variety of different games that try and stick to the fun part of the medium. Some people mentioned shmups, and they are definitely a great option, especially with the large number that are available at next to nothing prices. I'm currently working on DoDonPachi (region free) and Otomedius Excellent (what the hell am I supposed to do with this pillow case?).

Outside of that, Battlefield is always a fun bet if I want to waste a few hours. Same thing goes for CoD. The Suda 51 games are always a fun, albeit short, waste of time. I've beaten Lollipop Chainsaw at least 20 times. It never gets old.

Oh, dungeon crawlers are a good fix for the arcade-style games. I've poured about 70 hours into Diablo 3, which pales in comparison to the 250+ hours I poured into Sacred 2.

tl;dr - shmups.

User Info: Jamie1609

3 years ago#15
I'm training for the Wave 100 achievement in Robotron 2084 when not playing EDF2025. Huge fan of twin-stick shooters. I really hate Call Of Duty multiplayer but the Extinction mode is hugely enjoyable. Also love Geometry Wars, Hard Corps: Uprising, Contra/Super Contra, Sina Mora etc!

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#16
I have been playing a lot of RPGs on my Vita. Currently playing the FFX HD Remaster on it. I almost got the Platinum Trophy for it. Then i am going to start on FFX-2. They come in a bundle pack. Both games for $40. I used to play a lot of CoD but i just got really bored of it. That and spending $60 on a new CoD every year and another $60 on DLC for it is just makes me mad since it jist feels like i am blowing money on the same game over and over every year. I just feel like playing EDF and RPGs lately.
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