Which EDF did you like best?

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User Info: NeoSizer

3 years ago#1
Which is your favorite 7th generation EDF? - Results (135 votes)
Earth Defense Force 2017
16.3% (22 votes)
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
12.59% (17 votes)
Earth Defense Force 2025
71.11% (96 votes)
This poll is now closed.
They are all fun as hell to play, but I'm partial to Insect Armageddon since the classes were better balanced out.
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User Info: RycerX

3 years ago#2
2025 is my favorite, but I do have to admit that I found the metagame a little more consistent and robust with Insect Armageddon. That may change as time goes on and I get more experienced with 2025, but as of right now, I still feel like I have more control over what's going on in IA.

2017 is a classic, but it's been outdone in every way by the books from top to bottom with 2025. A very natural and fitting progression for the series. You honestly don't see that too often in sequels these days, something always falls by the wayside. 2025 did an exceptional job of minimizing that loss and preserving everything the series has become over the years.

User Info: tapititon

3 years ago#3
*Warning: HUGE wall of text ahead*
+New classes that shares a few similar weapons (ex: every class has shotgun-type guns) but also has interesting exclusive weapons for each class (ex: shotgun that shoot bullets that explode over a large radius, excellent against aerial units).
+More conversations.
+Anyone can drive the vehicles/turrets.
+A level up system where you need to increase the difficulty to continue getting xp.
+Pesticide guns.
+Sharing the health kits.

-Organic bug type get completely replaced by their Metallic version. Killing metal robots isn't as satisfying as squishing bugs.
-Spider Bomber. Especially the ticker's button mashing thing.
-Pretty much always running after the bosses who keep running away from you (Hector) or always fleeing the bosses who keep trying to run you over (Spider-Bomber, Mantis).
-Daddy Big Legs are just pointless, a moving dropship would have done the exact same job.
-Hectors goes "Moo".
-Every wasps can pin you on the ground and eat your face until you are dead or a teammate save you by killing the feeding wasp. Instantly makes you fail the mission if you are playing alone.
-Once you level up and acquire higher level guns, the older guns becomes "a waste of in-game currency".

EDF 2025
+Brought the old graphics back, giving the game a nice retro feeling
+Classes are even more specialised (AR is the only one with vehicles, F is tougher than the other classes, R is a true "Jack-of-all-trade", WD is doing a better "Hit-and-Run" job).
+Increased vehicle variety, not just tanks or stationnary turrets now.
+Quantity > Quality here. Dat "Oh....." feeling when your radar instantly and completely fill up with red dots (especially if no Skyeaters show up).
+Ability to fight back when bitten/webbed.
+The online limits prevent players from using weapons that would wipe out every single ennemy before you could do anything in easier difficulties. Everyone gets to shoot stuff with weaponry that'd still keep the targets sort-of challenging (Weak weapons against weak and slow deroys).
+No more "bullets only deal damage if you hit the weakpoint" on Argos and Hectors. Blast them anywhere, anytime.
+EDF songs. The AI often sing together too.
+Some maps are always fun to fight on (ex:Beach area).
+D-Pad chat. Also has Gestures and a way to enter your own message if it's not in the HUGE quick replies. Once you know where to find the replies you use the most (ex: That's revolutionnary), you'll be able to keep the other players updated on your status even if they/you haven't plugged your mic in.
+Vehicles with more than just one weaponry option (ex: CQC/AoE/AA Vegalta, howitzer/piercing machine gun Grape, etc).
+"Godesses of victory".

-Classes might be a bit too specialized (ex: only R and AR can drive, the three WD teammates can't drive the Titan to free you from a Reitarius web).
-The area with the river in a city.
-EDF ai that stalk you and block your shots.
-Red ants that grab you right after you've freed yourself from one of them.
-"They're retreating! We've won!"= 3 more waves inbound.
-Some missions just never ends...
-Mothership's panels/Green Laser Flyers/Machine gun Hector. Hard to dodge their attacks and if one of their shots hit you, every single following shots will hit you too since you were slowed down.
-Lot of storyline AI yelling on the radio.
-Few Anti-Air options.
-Every SDL bikes except the type Z.
-Major framerate issues when the next ennemy wave spawn or when many things blow up.
-Online limits often get in the way.
-Exceeding health received from Health crates is wasted.

IMO, EDF 2025 is better than EDF:IA.

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#4
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User Info: AliensRfriendly

3 years ago#5
I see it's not on the list, but Global Defence Force without a doubt. Perfect campaign length with 71 missions, great variety of creatures, and night missions as well.

User Info: Daedralord9

3 years ago#6
IA and 2025 are very close, but for different reasons. I love the over the top feeling 2025 has, but I really dislike how some classes are useless in many situations. I feel like if 2025 had IA's class balance, this game would be amazing. That said, I'd have to say that IA wins by a very small margin, but 2025 is also a great game.
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User Info: TurboGamera

3 years ago#7
AliensRfriendly posted...
I see it's not on the list, but Global Defence Force without a doubt. Perfect campaign length with 71 missions, great variety of creatures, and night missions as well.

This :)

User Info: Aerowitz

3 years ago#8
2025 is a fantastic entry. It really brought back the "Starship Troopers" feel that I craved.

User Info: iceman505

3 years ago#9
2025, followed fairly closely by 2017, IA doesn't exist as far I'm concerned.
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User Info: OKRecords1138

3 years ago#10
Never played IA, and unfortunately couldn't play 2017 because around level 30 I got glitched, and the missions (no matter which one I played) wouldn't end. I even tried deleting the game from my hard drive and starting over, but the same thing happened. So, 2025 wins by default.
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