Which EDF did you like best?

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User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#11
OKRecords1138 posted...
So, 2025 wins by default.

Just no.
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User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#12
Daedralord9 posted...
I love the over the top feeling 2025 has, but I really dislike how some classes are useless in many situations. I feel like if 2025 had IA's class balance, this game would be amazing.

Unfortunately IA did not have good class balance. The Heavy frame was useless at most everything with bland weapons. Tactical armor was cool but not as useful as the Trooper. Jet armor had higher mobility and same firepower as a Trooper. In 2025 every class can be useful has a specific function and role, and that's better than having 2 generic armor types with 1 having all the best traits.
Storm 1 was Master Chief before Master Chief was cool. Storm 1 IS the original Master Chief!

User Info: Boxman108

3 years ago#13
Not sure. Pretty much a tie between 2017 and 2025. I didn't hate IA but found it a bit boring. The pacing was totally different and it seemed to lose its charm with higher production value and really forced humor. Didn't play it to the end and sold it. Will say the one thing I do miss is sprinting.

2025 at first glance seems best but I do think quantity over quality became an issue. Without a doubt the worst part is the new type of spider. Would have taken IA's tics over them any day. I like having more variety but there needs to be more testing done with new enemies. At the very least could have let us destroy the buildings the webs are attached to.

Would rather have a 1:1 ratio for armor like in 2017. The maps seem a bit smaller but that's probably to keep it running smooth as possible. Not crucial but the story in 2017 felt a little more focused. Neither soundtrack was anything amazing but I liked 2017's more. Was surprised to find that the guy also did music for Killer7 which had great stuff. One last nitpick would be the underground textures are remarkebly bad. Far preffered the dark shades of blue in 2017 at least aesthetically.

I think I will enjoy the classes, though I've only finished once with the Ranger and have only done a few missions with the others.

User Info: TurboGamera

3 years ago#14
Good thing is, between the four real EDF games Sandlot already have the material to make an absolute winner in the announced PS4 version :)

User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#15
Would be nice if they turn the drones back into flying saucers

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#16
ninebreaker47 posted...

Actually i want to change my Vote.

I see 2017 is on the list but i assume that most people just think of 2017 on the Xbox 360. And thats why i voted for 2025. When i think of it as 2017 Portable on the PS Vita, it wins this contest for me.

Why? Because 2017P had everything the 360 and introduced a lot more content as well.

-Pale Wing Class
-Online Multiplayer
-Online VS Mode
-A bunch of new weapons for Storm 1 and 170 unique weapons for Pale Wing

I had so much fun playing this game with my buddies online.

Why do i like it more then 2025?

A few reasons. Mainly because the Online was a million times more stable. I barely ever saw anyone disconnect. And if i did it was because they either had a bad internet connection, they were to far from thier WiFi router, or they let thier Vita go into sleep mode due to inactivity while armor/weapon farming.

The next reason is your Offline completion % DID affect your Online completion %. I did all the easy stages Offline and even unlocked no limits for Online play by playing all those stages Offline.

The last major thing was Frame Rate drops. There was barely ever any big Frame rate drops in 2017P. 2025 feels like everything is in slow motion half the friggin time. And while some people like it and say its like "bullet time" mode, i absolutely hate it. It wouldn't bother me if it was just a few stages, like in 2017P. Actually the only stage 2017P gets bad frame rates like that is on #58 Inferno in the beggining because there is like 200 or more enemies on screen at once. 2025 it feels like every single stage that isn't a cave stage is slowed down by frame rate drops. Its obnoxious.

Thats the major stuff. If 2025 was like 2017 P in those 3 areas then it would be the better game. But until that day i have to say that 2017P is the best EDF game ever made.

While better graphics, more classes, more missions and more guns does equal more fun in general, it shouldn't be at the expense of losing other great game mechanics and game functionality.

Final Verdict.

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User Info: OKRecords1138

3 years ago#17
Toho2 posted...
OKRecords1138 posted...
So, 2025 wins by default.

Just no.

Opinion - a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

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User Info: Jamie1609

3 years ago#18
Never played any EDF games other than the ones on Xbox 360, so EDF2025 wins hands down. same as EDF2017 but with many improvements such as 4 classes, online play, more missions, AI that actually help etc.

1st: EDF2025
2nd: EDF2017
3rd: EDF:IA

All are great games though.

User Info: usmovers_02

3 years ago#19
Man, people put way too much into balance. Half the reason I love 2017 and 2025 is BECAUSE of the wild difficulty spikes and very little balance. IA isn't a bad game, it just completely lacks the soul of any of the true EDF games. Half the fun of this franchise is figuring out a strategy to win when you just don't have the right setup.

User Info: Humanoid_Sharks

3 years ago#20
2025. I've only ever played the ones released in the states, though. I want to say 2017 because of the absolute ridiculousness of it, but 2025 just had much more to offer in terms of overall replay value. Insect Armageddon was pretty average, but it still stood above most games when it comes to fun.

I guess the PSP version of 2017 has the Wing Diver in it. That might knock 2017 back up to #1, if I ever get around to buying it.
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