Farming 2-16 (Armor)

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User Info: Jimothy987

3 years ago#1
Just a few queries about this.
1) Is this the best active way of farming armor in the game?
-If not, what is?
-If so:
2) Second wave. Everytime I do this mission on Easy (probably been beyond 50 times now) I feel like I'm taking the second wave particularly slowly - and in a different way every time. Is there one simple route to take that drastically reduces the time taken ? (I play as a Wing Diver)
3) Weapon choices. Dual Thunderbow XD (can't constant fire), dual Idunn-FF (more focused shooting, need to actively aim more, shorter range) or one of each?
4) 4th and 5th waves. 4th (silver spiders in the bowl) I tend to fly straight above them aiming for the tunnel, while shooting down, then turn around and finish them. 5th (gold ants) I then 'hook' onto the ceiling of the tunnel and slide down the roof (fast and no energy cost) then go straight up the tunnel in front and above, clear those ants out, and proceed round the bend, down the hill to the rest of them and finish them there. Does anyone have any improvements over this strategy? (Thinking speed, I have 3.5k health so not even the gold ants pester me too much)

Thanks in advance for any insightful replies :P

User Info: OKRecords1138

3 years ago#2
First and foremost, I'm not a fan of armor farming. You can get all the armor you need for the game by simply playing all the difficulty modes either online or offline, and certainly if you do both. However, to answer your questions, or rather provide an opinion on them;

1) Armor is good in this mission, but it's more so suitable for farming weapons. If you're looking solely for armor, then go for mission 17 in the regular game - split screening. Just leave one drop ship alive, and farm what drops from the constant waves of spiders for an hour or so. You can get about 300 armor for a wing diver, and more for everyone else in that time frame. It’s also not bad for weapon collecting.

2) When I do the second wave on easy, I fly down the right tunnel at the fork, and then just circle around. Takes about two minutes or less.

3) Idunn FF all the way for me on this mission. No matter what difficulty I'm on, I duel wield them. The constant stun lock on higher difficulties is essential for me.

4) If you're split screening, just keep your first character at the beginning of the level. With a fencer you'll need a hell revolver, with an air raider explosives such as C70, with a wing diver and Idunn, and with a ranger a magma cannon. Once the gold ants spawn, simply turn around and kill the first wave of ants through the wall. Then move in with your other character to collect the drops, and finish off the rest. As for the spiders prior to that, this may work on easy, but on harder difficulties not so much. You'll want to hang back and shoot from a distance.

As you said, you're playing on easy, so none of this should be difficult with an Idunn FF unless you have such low armor you can't take one hit. At that rate I suggest what I said first, and simply play the game this way you’re at least making progress towards completion rate.
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User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#3
I would say it is 1 of the best ways to go for active farming. I used to do it that way as well. I would get around 300 an hour doing that if i recall. I do have one method that is automated and actually gets you armor just as fast if not a little faster then this if you really want. I made a thread about it about 3 months ago. I would get around 380 an hour with this method. There is a YouTube video i made that shows you how its done in that thread link i posted below. Check it out to get what is quite possibly the best (or at least close to being the best) armor farming method for Wing Diver in the entire game.
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User Info: Jimothy987

3 years ago#4
Thanks for the help guys, and ninebreaker I've tried using your method. Why do you use the nest with the bridge support in it? There are 2 other perfectly good silver spider nests. Does that one spawn them faster or something?
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