PSA for those having trouble finding their last few weapons

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User Info: RycerX

3 years ago#1
I have no way of proving this, but I find it astronomically suspect. I kid you not, I've run missions 76 and 82 at least 20-30 times each, 88 maybe 5-10, and mission 16 from the second DLC pack about 10-20. All of these runs were for the sole intent of unlocking JUST the Gungnir and Lysander Z, each and every one resulting in failure.

So today I decided to work on my completion percentage and raise my Ranger's Hardest completion above 25% and Inferno above 50%, same for my Wing Diver, see if maybe that had anything to do with it. And I'll be a hector's hairyassed uncle if I didn't find both of them within my first few farming runs afterward. It could just be the stars aligning, but if anyone is having an unreasonably hard time unlocking their final weapons before 100% or these high level weapons in particular, try raising your completion percentages for Hardest and Inferno above 25% for the soldier class in question. I raised mine for Inferno above 50, however.

User Info: Jimothy987

3 years ago#2
I would guess that's just luck of the draw. When I unlocked 77 (first time through the game was with Ranger on Hard) I farmed it about 3 times on Hardest then 2 on Inferno before moving on. The second on Hardest got me the Lysander F and the second on Inferno got me the Z (that thrice-damned Gungnir is hiding from me too though). If you find any compelling evidence to support your ideas, I'd be happy to hear, but I think right now it just comes down to luck.

User Info: RycerX

3 years ago#3
That's the other thing, I've seen that same thing online. People with less than 300 armor and 1% completion getting weapons like the Lysander Z and Epsilon E when it's obvious they've only been playing the game for the better half of 10 minutes. And that makes me wonder if it's not necessarily related to the weapon level, but perhaps how many weapons you already have unlocked. Like as you close in on 100% weapons, it drastically decreases the drop rate of those last few if you're below a certain completion percentage on that particular class, I don't know.

It's just insane, I can't tell you how many times I farmed for just those two weapons and everyone except me kept finding them, the Lysander especially. Then after I raise my percentage, they show up like a miracle.

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#4
At any rate, congrats on finally getting those damn snipers! I know how annoying it can be trying to get that one weapon for countless hours. Took me over 20 hours to get the last weapon i needed in 2017 Portable. What a pain in the ass that was. O.o
"No mater how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew." Posted using GameFlux

User Info: RycerX

3 years ago#5
It was bittersweet. I was elated to finally unlock them of course, but also jaded and annoyed that I'd spent every waking moment of my free time in the last seven or eight days grinding for these bastardly elusive pieces of virtual nothing. The only thing that could make it worse is if my suspicions were confirmed and I'd truly been wasting my time all along. If anyone gets as desperate as I was, they'll try anything, so I figure it's worth a shot to kiss an extra horse shoe and bump up their percentage before they continue farming.

User Info: Jackal

3 years ago#6
You guys are still going with this game! Wow! I gave up after completing the offline with the WD. Farming is just too much after a while so I took a break and played other stuff. I gave up any hopes of unlocking that cap. :)
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User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#7
I've read a few ideas about how to increase your chances. Clearing all your 'new' notifications and selecting a weapon similar to the one you need. None of it helped. I truly believe it's completely random.

Shockingly I got the Lysander Z and the third most powerful sniper (can't remember name right now) in the same run. And yesterday I his last 2 weapons in my last 3 runs of 2-16.

Conversely, it took me AGES to get the Master Rapier Thrust for the Wing Diver.

I've not got much Inferno done with either character as I'm still working through Hardest.

On the plus side, running 2-16 over and over is at least getting me lots of armour for the WD.
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