Armour griding - boxes worth less as you get stronger?

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User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#1
I'm grinding for armour on Crimon (level 26) as the AI troops kill the red ants on easy for me. I'm playing co-op with Wing Diver (to pick up the boxes) and Ranger.
Ranger is at almost 4000 health. As I understood it, boxes for Ranger are 1:1 so 1 box = 1 point. But I've just grabbed at least 18 boxes, and Ranger's health has only gone up by 9.
Is my understanding incorrect? Or am I now gaining less armour per box because I'm at almost 4000 health?

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#2
No, the don't become less as you get stronger. They always stay gain at the same rates. The rates are lower then 1:1 though. I suggest you take a moment to check out this short guide i made. It contains lots of information on 2025 including Armor Gain Rates.

But to make it easy for you, here is the copy and paste of that section.

Armor increase rates

They are different for each class. Every armor box does not give you 1 point of armor. Its more complex then that. Here are the rates

- Ranger 0.48 per crate
- Wing Diver 0.23 per crate
- Air Raider 0.47 per crate
- Fencer 0.56 per crate

The Fencer has the highest armor aquisition rate while the Wing Diver has the lowest. But the Fencer is more of a brute while the Wing Diver is agile and can move around quickly. So its a balancing act. The Ranger can get about 1 HP increase for every 2 crates picked up while the Wing Diver needs about 4 for 1 HP increase. You will only gain armor for the class you are currently using. If your playing online it does not matter who picks up the crate. Everyone will get an armor increase at the end of the mission.

Also read this:

Important Split Screen Information

If your using split screen offline please note that for every armor picked it will be shared between both players but the weapons only go to the player who picks it up. You can use 2 of the same class in split screen and it will double the speed that you gain armor! Use this to your advantage.
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User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#3
Oh I SEE! It is not 1:1 my mistake. Yes then 18 crates = 9 armour for Ranger.
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  3. Armour griding - boxes worth less as you get stronger?

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