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User Info: geckothelizard

3 years ago#11
equip the javelin catapult and a CC weapon (anything that allows you to dash). hold down on the fire button for the catapult, and tap the dash button on your CC weapon = infinite dashing, with no pause. i don't get your right angles comment - with a CC weapon equipped he has the same turning speed of any class.

and gawd, don't even get me started on the air raider. turrets? railgun? he absolutely wrecks fools!

User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#12
frame cancelling is a big part of the fencer, and that covers dash cancelling. its not just the javelin catapult, many weapons can cancel frames by different amounts.

the javelin catapult just happens to lets you dash the fastest but you can use other weapons and still dash at a reasonable speed.

Take for example the force axe, it attacks really fast and cancel frames so you can use it for dash cancelling if you attack when the dash is about to use.

Or use the javelin catapult to speed up the attack speed of the blasthole spears, just use it after the second hit of the spear and you cancel the long cooldown.

User Info: Gulcasa

3 years ago#13
From the perspective of someone who only plays solo...

Air Raider - Because none of the other classes have the same amount of shenanigans potential as the Air Raider. Also, it's good that I'm seeing some vehicle love, but where is the love for helicopters? Flying is always useful, especially when it means you can kill most enemies without them even touching you. The Limpet Splendor line is brutal in caves, too. I haven't gotten any of the high level wire guns yet, but it's really nice to finally be able to do to the enemies what spiders have been doing to me since I first got into this series. He seems to move faster than the Ranger, too, although I might be imagining it. I do wish his third weapon slot wasn't limited to vehicles, though.

Wing Diver - Because flying is important, and lightning is always going to be the best.

Ranger - I don't even know what to say about this class. The classic EDF experience, I guess? Still great fun, but I'm really glad they introduced other classes to the series besides just Pale Wing/Wing Diver.

Fencer - ... even if I don't really like playing as Fencer. Mobility and turning/aiming speed are not really my issue since I know how all of that works and how to deal with it. What bothers me about this class is that there's really no "safe" setup that you can just tackle the unknown with. Getting game overs on EASY because you didn't change your weapons specifically to fit that particular stage is just depressing. I do like how many of the weapons pierce, though.

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#14
Right... I'm flip-flopping all over the place but I've finished 3 out of 4 on Hardest and here's the thing.

I was wrong about the Air Raider. Good lord, he's dope. I played with an American guy who was an Air Raider skillmeister. All the best toys. I took that experience into Hardest in a split-screen AR + WD run and the last 15 levels were practically trivial.

Fencer is now my least fave. I appreciate the dash and everything but I hate all his weapons apart from the high altitude missiles and the hammer. That said, those weapons are fantastic but I sort of hate all his artillery. Even the 35mm Battle Cannons (or whatever they are called) are a chore to use. Slow to aim, too much recoil. I don't like them.

That said, there's no bad class.

Oh and the Ranger is basically a win class when you give him a good reverser.

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#15
As Inferno progresses my views keep changing.

If playing online you need a good Air Raider. He's the most important class. Caravans can be used to block dragons and the like, he's got buffing/healing options, ZEXRs for crowd/air control. God damn he's good. Proteus/Railgun, bunkers.... oh my.

Wing Diver online is amazing. A Gungnir is pretty much essential on many levels. Monster-S is alright and of course the iDunns and Thunderbows are handy also.

Fencer. He's a massive liabilty because his only good crowd control weapon is the lock on missiles. So you will hurt your team mates but everything else he has is trash. 35mms are okay but the recoil hurts. Shotties are too weak. Gatling guns are worse than the AF100 and that's not the best on Inferno. Dashing can be useful though but even the fastest dash gets you murdered by drones on Inferno.

Ranger. AF100 is still woefully underpowered on Inferno (in four player play). Takes AGES to take down a red ant. Good healing options though. Hercules has its uses. I'll take that over a Lysander Z.

That's my current order. Am trying to get Fencer finished first as I'm up to level 60ish with him and any time I find a level I've already done, I do Ranger instead. I'm doing my least fave classes first.

In a crowd control situation (anything with tons of ants/spiders/wasps) what's your preferred set ups for Ranger / Fencer?

User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#16
I too am only playing offline. Here are my thoughts. Generally, despite having so many weapons too many are useless or a chore to use.

Ranger - I guess I like "classic" mode too much. Many weapons available to me for each level.
But give me my turrets!

Wing Diver - For soooo long I just used the IDunn Custom and Thunder Sniper, and you can escape a lot of danger. So levels were boring, more like a chore than enjoyable. The challenge was managing the Wing Energy. Short range lances and special weapons are useless.

Fencer - A battle at the bottom for third place. With the Fencer the dash cancel is essential (I _hated_ this class before I learned about it) so that means (for me) JackHammer & Twin Javelin. It's a shame I'm limited on every stage to only two weapons rather than four (since I have to dash!).
I'm only using a heavy mortar and shoulder cannon (three shot bursts). Other weapons are slow or can't be aimed, so it's always the SAME loadout.

Air Raider - When I started I spent a long time using him like a Ranger e.g. Limpets, Wireguns... made for a frustrating game as these weapons early on are awful. I love the turrets, and have since EDF 2017. Slapping them onto a tank and driving through ants humming the A-Team theme was a great laugh.
However offline (with nobody to support) he's my least favourite class as with only two slots you generally must have a wiregun (red ants) and a limpet for distance shooting (and it is weak).

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#17
I did Fencer (normal, hard, hardest) online and everything else offline.

Inferno has just been Fencer so far up to level 60 online.

If I was you I'd split screen with the AR in support. Drop a caravan, some turrets and maybe a bunker and he's basically a life saver to any other character. On Inferno some levels will destroy your Ranger (Waterside Bugs being the first). He just doesn't have the stopping power for a crowd.

The AR would really help. The WD would be good also.

User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#18
watersides bugs solo with a ranger can still be done, hard but doable.
The limited ammo weapons save his butt

User Info: donfolstar

3 years ago#19
tom76b posted...
Short range lances and special weapons are useless.

Special weapons are difficult to use but situationally amazing. Short range lances are, well, lets just say that dealing 14400 damage per second can come in handy. Not as insane as the Ranger Fusion Blasters, but unlimited ammo evens the field some.

User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#20
My problem with the lances is that I need to get up close, and against a group you don't want to get close as a Wing Diver. So I prefer something with more range the the IDunn-Custom. It does less damage sure but I can keep back (plus it has some stun-lock capability so Hectors can sometimes miss if you keep the pressure on and fly around).

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