I just can't stop thinking of the potential for a EDF game on the new consoles

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  3. I just can't stop thinking of the potential for a EDF game on the new consoles

User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#1
I wouldn't even care if they kept the graphics roughly the same, because it means they'll be able to fit a helluva lot more content into the game than we already have. More weapons, enemies, maybe a better physics engine, other RPG related things like base upgrades and whatnot, challenges that give you weapons or armor bonuses, maybe even a new class entirely.

It's gonna be sooo much fun >_<
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User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#2
I think we can bump up the graphics a _little_ but we need to keep the number of baddies high.
I'd really like to be able to get up onto buildings a little more easily, to snipe from afar with Ranger.
RPG things..... I'd have to say no. Though I usually love that sort of thing I reckon EDF is best as it is, in that respect. I like finding the weapons on various levels, gaining health the way you do (but let's make it the ratio a little better, 1:1 for Ranger).
Really it just needs a few tweaks (better control of vehicles, aiming especially), more environments, change some of the weapons that are a bit crap..... and done!

User Info: Humanoid_Sharks

3 years ago#3
It'll just be a bigger, crazier version of the last one, just like every release has been.

I'm fine with that.
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User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#4
I want bigger enemies on the PS4. Mechagodzilla needs to show up. I want the Argos moving around quickly and trampling on you. I want it to be insane. Like the original Serious Sam but more so.

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#5
Oh and I want a giant cat or dog running around. And rats.

Next gen, baby.

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#6
As long as it has better frame rates then 2025, i don't care about graphics and what not. Hell, they could re-release 2025 on the PSN for PS4 and i would buy it again if it meant no frame rate drops. Some people like it as if it was slow motion, but it just screws me up and slows down the missions tremendously. Im much, much more accurate without the frame drops for whatever reason. 2017 portable (on the Vita) had no frame drops at all (for the most part) except for mission 58 Inferno since there is like 150-200 enemies on screen or some ****, that was a great time.

I don't know why but the frame rates just really irked me in 2025. They could've taken away a lot of map detail if it helps out, like the caves. They have no detail in them like the cities do and they don't slow down like the outside maps. It could've looked like 2017 graphics for all i care, as long as it smoothens up the gameplay a bunch. And the Earth Eaters slow down the game so much its almost unbearable... Ya know what i mean?

Anyway, love everything about the game. Except the frame rates...
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  3. I just can't stop thinking of the potential for a EDF game on the new consoles

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