EDF and the grind.

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User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#1
I remember when those dicks, Vicious Cycle, were interviewed at E3 about Insect Armageddon and they promised a ton of grinding because it's what the fans want and expect.

Expect? Yes. But does anyone actually want all this grinding? By the time I get the 1000 on this (approx 200 more hours to go at least) I think I'll never want to play another EDF game again.

I've already got the 1000s on 2017 and Insect Armageddon.

So, if Sandlot had released this and it was an easy 1000 (say the achvs were just for beating the game on Normal), would you guys like (achievement whore) or hate (EDF purist) that?

User Info: geckothelizard

3 years ago#2
edf (2017/GDF/2025) is good because it has that depth on hardest/inferno that makes the progression through normal/hard worth it. you build up your weapons/armour and learn your class, and that gives you the tools needed to beat the later levels.

i've done any "grinding" on an EDF game, really. my only complaint is this playthrough of the 'easy' campaigns i've had to do to get my 70%, although in 2017 you had to do that for an achievement anyway. either way, it's a box ticking exercise that i didn't care for.

i think grinding is no fun and i wouldn't like edf if it forced you to do it.

User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#3
Most grinding tends to be for armor than it is with weapons. It's even more so now with EDF 2025, considering that they lowered the Armor Gain you can get when compared to EDF 2017. It's not all the fun tbh. I'd rather they give us mission specific challenges that give us larger amounts of armor, but are difficult to complete. Challenges could include: Killing a boss quickly, completing the mission in X amount of time, keeping X amount of AI squadmates alive, etc. This way, players are rewarded for showing more skill with the game.

I understand they had to find a way to balance out the differences between the classes by giving them separate ratios, but I'd rather they have made it so that you take different amount of damage depending on your class. I'd also like it if it was easier to navigate the terrain to reach boxes.

Overall, I don't mind grinding so much for weapons. It's really armor grinding that I don't like because it lacks the feeling of possibly getting something new that weapon drops have associated with them. You look forward to weapon drops. Armor, not so much.
Gamertag: Biggy DX

User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#4
2025 really does forces you to grind. 2017 didn't, and that's 1 reason why it was so fun.
Nothing's worse when you can't repeat perfection.

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