Air Raider solo - how much armour required?

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User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#1
Okay so I read a lot about how AR was this bad-ass class and overpowered etc. but I'm now getting the impression that the people saying these things were playing split screen and NOT solo.
Which I am trying to do, hence why I find AR one of my least favourites to play as.

I'm wondering how much armour you guys think I'm gonna need to finish the game on Inferno with him solo. Once the vehicle he is in gets trashed he gets his ass kicked very quickly indeed.

Will I have to learn how to fly the helicopters???

I'm at 6000hp right now and to be honest Hardest mode is challenge enough!

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#2
I can't imagine. At some points health almost becomes meaningless. I mean for example take the final level. One of them lasers locks on and you'll be dead with 6000 or 20000 health.

The levels in the ruined cities where you get big waves of spiders/ants/wasps are likely going to be impossible on inferno.

My guess is that you'll need 50000 health to even have a chance on some levels.

User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#3
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I don't wanna hear that!!!!! lol

User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#4
No offense but saying 50000 health is just dumb. Youll practically scare him from the game since getting that much not only is not required but beyond humanly possible.

most of the time you have to be inside a vehicle anyway, and you can shoot boosts at your own vehicles.
The vehicles is your most important choice for each stage.

In fact, you can lame your way trough the game on any stage that doesnt have flying enemies, just by dropping air strike from an helicopter.

User Info: tapititon

3 years ago#5
Skytrap wire 16w is your absolute best inferno main weapon option against bugs/flyers. It will stun any bug that get hit by one of the wires, perfect for crowd control and to get rid of red ants in no time. Fire webs over a foe, roll around to try and wrap them with wires that haven't touched any foe yet, collect items and reload while ennemies are stunlocked, rinse and repeat. Much safer than the limpet guns, much more efficient than any turret and you can still kill stuff while reloading.

The Elerctomagnetic prison (that's exactly how it's called, level 56 bunker) has it all: the bunker is taller and longer than a Titan and all three 24.000 durability point bunkers you can deploy at the same time only take 10 seconds to reload, perfect when you have to deal with Reitarius, Hectors and Flyers since it's pretty easy to reload and deploy fresh bunkers before the target's next volley.

The Cannon D (deal 40.000 x 20, only 1800 points to request again) will take out any hectors in your way but you'll want to practice your smoke grenade throwing before going in harder places (completely missing a boss is no fun at all). Also tear anthills apart and is usually instantly reusable after destroying one.

Tempest S1A is mostly to clear initial swarms of bugs (ex: Crimson's first red ant wave). It might not be enough to take out bosses/hills and most of the stuff must be already dead before you can request another tempest (with only a few hills or small distant bug groups left).

If you can't bring a Cannon D (underground mission) and have to deal with anthills, bring the Y21 impulse. Each of the 20 claymores you can deploy next to an anthill will instantly trigger and deal heavy damage, you'll destroy the anthill before you've finished laying down all 20 of them. Don't put them directly on the hill or the claymore's red lines will point/shoot upward, get some distance.

I'd recommend those vehicles for inferno but you can use anything you feel more comfortable with of course: the level 84 railgun, the level 76 caravan, the vegalta firelord, the protheus gamma and the vegalta busterlord.

+boss/hill killer
+accurate laser sight
+can take a beating
+easy to use, can be requested again quickly

+very fast vehicle
+makes survival missions against non-hector/deroy foes (ex: hold off x foes until y order to retreat) much easier

+very fast vehicle that can hop over buildings
+cannons pierce and are excellent against flying targets (dropship/wasp/flyers)
-flamethrower isn't effective enough to kill bugs without taking important damage, you should just use those firelords to move around and killing air/ground units with their cannons.
*You can use a power post to make it even more effective*

+the shoulder howitzers are a free airstrike bombing attack
+the (accurate) rocket cannons can "ragdoll" some bosses
-not a good choice against hector/deroy/flyers/wasp
-burn through rocket ammo quickly
*power post work well here too*

*The helicopters are pretty much ground unit killers, the other vehicles are more effective than them against both ground and air units however. The vulture's laser cannons are pretty powerful and accurate, you should pick this model over the (very short range) balezard powered if you want to use one.

*The gr4pes have good damage and speed but it's low durability means it won't last long against non-ant/spider foes.

*The gigantus has good speed, armor and damage but the risk that you lose 10.000 tank armor point by blowing up something too close is "too damn high".

*Naegling are slow, deal low damage and gets destroyed 4x faster than a bike driving around on a flat surface.

*The SLD1 (level 9) is the safest bike, it won't wheelie itself to death.

User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#6
@tapitition those are some great tips, thank you for taking the time to go into detail. I don't believe I have Fire/BusterLord yet but they sound cool.
A practical use for the Y21 Impulse? I guess it would be best on levels with anthills and wasps or other flying types.

I like the Naegling for the homing capabilities. I cleared out the first few stages on inferno where the enemies begin far away, so you can take most of them out easily. But railgun is where it's at for later missions (I just need to get better at aiming!)

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#7
UnnamedFer, haha none taken but I'm just looking at the worst levels. There are loads of levels you can walk through on Inferno but I'm thinking about things like 81 (offline) which is just a deluge of bugs and wasps.

That said, if Tom manages this he'll be the king of EDF.

User Info: gokuKOG

3 years ago#8
Hey TC, if I am correct you will not need much more than 10000 to 12000 HP. Above posts are right, You will be killed at some points in the game no matter what your HP is but that is where strategy comes in. This video is the perfect example of strategy:

I also do solo on Ranger. I am leveling up my HP for inferno right now but I have done more than 45 inferno missions solo (ranger) only on 5000 HP only with strategdy. Those missions include mission 1-42 and some harder missions like 71,77,80 and 82.
Teemo the King of LoL!

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

3 years ago#9
So my answer was based on this level which is basically DEATH.

However, check out this vid.

AR beating 81 solo on Inferno. NICE.

User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#10
Heres a channel of a guy who played a couple missions on inferno.
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