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User Info: zegram33

4 years ago#1
Hey, i know the EU/US version is out early feb, but from a lot of the videos iv been watching, theres a lot of English text anyway, so my question is: if i buy the jpn version now, is it possible to set the language of the main menus and what have you?
Or should i just wait for feb?

Thanks in advance

User Info: TurboGamera

4 years ago#2
Change menus language? not possible. The game is a LOT of fun, but considering that my import copy took 3 months (yeah... 3 #%"#$% months) to arrive, i would recommend you to better wait for the february release, because the game is entirely playable until you get stuck in later difficult levels, unable to get a good online experience that would come handy in order to get help from friends, fully enjoy the new characters (i guess better suited to multiplayer play), and understand every weapon description in general.

User Info: Herzon316

4 years ago#3
You'd have to point out the videos you've been watching as none of the menus are in English and you cannot set them to English. Some of the weapon names are in English because it is only the model number, like most Ranger assault rifles.

The only odd spot of English I can think of is the loading screen radar explanation. It gives the labels in English on the pic but the key next to it gives the color and item in Japanese. That said it's not very hard to figure out what's going on or the controls since EDFs were never the most complex of games.

With release 4 months away it's up to you whether you want to play now, or the end of the month depending on how long shipping takes, or just wait it out.

Herzon Hree'Sith

User Info: geelw

4 years ago#4
I say wait for the localized version as it will have the patches and other fixes implemented, will be entirely in English and there will be no confusion about how some of the classes work (Air Raider and Fencer can be tough on new players who hate experimenting and don't figure out how to get the best out of those two)...
"It's just a jump to the left..."

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